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The sun has collapsed, or is about to collapse, into a black hole, all sunlight will be / is now gone, and you have to keep the planet alive. How do you go about it?

Asked by ragingloli (41508points) March 24th, 2014

What are your concept, energy source and energy requirements?

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Don’t bother. Move on, like our ancestors before us.

All I need is an interstellar spaceship and a towel.

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If it goes into a black hole, we are doomed, and only have weeks at best.
But you knew that, didn’t you?

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You don’t. Without the sun, the earth is doomed anyway.

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We could set Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh ablaze and launch them into orbit. That oughta keep us going for a few months until NASA can devise a plan.

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@cookieman – the best part of that idea is that they are both so full of hot air that there would be no danger of freezing.

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Build a hate to electricity converter in the Middle East.

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Underground dwellings reliant on geothermal heat while looking into interstellar space travel and stasis chambers.

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That would be impossible, everything would freeze, wouldn’t it? Isn’t it like -150 in space or something? And even if we found some alternate means to keep going, the ecologies everywhere would mess up so bad, that alone would kill us. Unless the alternatives worked exactly as the Sun did, and as far as I know, there is no known way to replicate this.
We would have to know this in advance; like 200 years in advance, so that we could begin to build bases for us to live in. Like in Total Recall.

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@Symbeline – or what The Others did on the planet Bronson Beta, in the great novel When Worlds Collide—- link

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Our sun isn’t large enough to become a black hole. or did you mean it would get sucked into a black hole, in which case, we wouldn’t be far away. Bend over and pucker up.

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@elbanditoroso Their greatest threat, they soon discover, comes not from the skies but from other humans.

Haha yeah, go figure. XD

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Geothermal energy from the earths core.

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You go deep underground, the earth’s radiogenic heat would be enough to run everything. We could in theory start a subterranean civilization complete with plants and all.

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Funny. I’m watching Journey To The Center Of The Earth, and I stumble into this.moment.

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Since this is hypothetical, i would surround the world with a large dimensional portal that i would then activate to send the Earth to another dimension that is still containing a sun that doesn’t contain a sun that is currently about to die. Instead i would send it to a dimension with a healthy sun that is at least 20 million years away from emploding.

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