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Has anyone actually hired a token?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) March 27th, 2014

I hear a lot of talk about people having to hire a person of another race or gender just to make themselves more open to diversity. How did it work for you, and how did it work for the token?

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I worked for a large corporation 35+ years ago. They hired a guy who seemed to know nothing about engineering even though that was his job. He did almost nothing. If you needed something done you soon learned not to give it to Jay. One day a group of us we were having a discussion about jobs and he said “I am their token Black. Watch me go!” That is an exact quote!
That worthless f*** was made superintendent of the plant in about 10 years. Miraculously he also showed up in many of the company brochures.

Sadly, that personal experience turned me off to affirmative action of any kind..

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Two examples not really affirmative action related:
I hired a deaf guy to fit boots in my ski rental shop one time. I thought he was great. Other people got frustrated with him because he was different. he wasn’t shy, but it took effort from both sides to communicate. Others were openly mean and impatient towards him. I made it clear it was THEIR jobs at stake if they had problems. It was a seasonal position. I didn’t regret hiring him even once, but I was saddened to see him be bullied.

But when I hired a midget – gosh. Everybody loved that kid! I had to make sure he had a step stool to get the boots on the top, and for when he set up skis. His impairment actually seemed to inspire other people. He was always trying hard, always smiling, and took jokes like water off a duck’s back. I don’t know if it’s because his communication skills weren’t affected like the deaf guy, or if everybody has a weird thing for midgets, but he was never picked on.

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Didn’t he ever clue you in that they’re not vividly enthusiastic about being called midgets ?

That word has such baggage associated with it because of how they were sensationalized in the old time carney shows and circuses. “Step up folks and see the midget”......that kind of stuff.

The preferred term is either little person or dwarf (since Dwarfism is the medically accurate term for their genetic condition.)

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He actually explained in detail the difference between dwarf and midget (they are very different), and yes, he preferred midget. He didnt really care. Not everyone is anally PC

Keep in mind he’s an individual, not representing a whole class. Your post generalizes ‘they’re not fond of…’ Like every one of them thinks and feels alike. I stress, he was not a dwarf, and hated the term little person.

Just out of pure curiosity, do you know any little people/midgets? They told you they want to be called dwarves?

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Actually, yes, I do have a dwarf friend and you don’t really want to know her opinion of people calling her a midget. Trust me.

So you’re telling me he was not a dwarf, just way way shorter than the average person? And there’s usually a reason for that.

And its rather common knowledge that the dwarf community does not like the term midget. I didn’t just pull that out of my ass or something. But, of course, that doesn’t mean that EVERY SINGLE dwarf objects to the term. There are outliers in any group of human beings.

So, just go ahead and keep on calling them midgets. Doesn’t bother me. Its your life. Live it any way you please.

Oh look! Its even part of their official literature. Here’s their view on the M word.

They actually consider it a “slur”. But they are realistic enough to realize that:

” Though we can’t control what people say and what content is broadcast, working together, we can ensure that people understand the impact of what they say and what they broadcast.”

As I said, go ahead and call them whatever you please. Its not as if they’re really entitled to any choice in the matter because, after all, they don’t speak for EVERY SINGLE person of short stature. So, what do they know anyhow, right?

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I didn’t say you did. I was dealing with one teenager (and his parents. His brother was normal size). Nate and I only discussed it once, and I asked him what he referred to himself as. That’s when I got the dwarf vs. midget talk, and he told me ‘yeah, I’m a midget.’ I called him by his name from there. It’s not like it came up a lot.

I don’t usually call people by labels, so I don’t see it being an issue. It was one kid, one conversation, and his preference was that he didn’t care.

There is a difference in a little person and a dwarf. It has to do with being proportional or not. That’s all. I’m not sure why you’re sounding defensive.

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Oh, I don’t know…does the statement “not everyone is anally PC” ring a bell ? So, I guess the vast majority of little people are anally PC ?

But, hey, as I said, Its your life. Live it any way you choose and call people anything you want. It doesn’t affect my life one way or another.

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your point and irritation are noted and will be considered. The only other experiences I have to draw on are the monthly ‘midget wrestling’ contests at a bar here in this town. Yes, the advertisements in the paper and on posters do say midget. Granted, these people also host girls gone wild nights, but that’s the only other reference I have had. You yelling at me here has likely changed my terminology going forward.

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I’m just curious about those posters and events.

Do you consider them exploitative by the bar (to either dwarfs or women) ?

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Look, I am just telling you I see the ads. They host the events. Clearly they have little people working for them and people attending them. That’s all I know. I don’t go to the bar. If people work things like that it’s their choice, so I don’t really get into their business or if they feel exploited.
Other than that I worked with a kid for several months who was a good kid. He flat out retorted anyone calling him a little person with a big dick joke. He told me he was a midget the only time we ever discussed it. I never thought past those things until you jumped all over me.

As I said, your point is noted and I will alter my terminology as not to offend anyone in the future.

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@GloPro They’re good for bowling leagues.

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