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Do you check out other people's grocery carts?

Asked by GloPro (8389points) April 14th, 2014 from iPhone

I do. Sometimes it’s because they have 4 dirty, wild kids with them and I wonder what they feed them. Usually I tsk, tsk at the soda, sugary cereals, chips, and frozen foods.

I check out the carts of the ridiculously fit women in yoga pants. The hot fit man, the Incredible Hulk muscle man, The pregnant woman, the well dressed, the hippie. No one is safe from my observations.

Do you sneak peeks? Why? What have you observed?

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Man your city sounds interesting. Hippies and wrestlers everywhere. No such people here.

And no I don’t check out what other people have. It’s none of my concern, plus I detest grocery shopping to no end, I spend as little time doing it as possible. In, get the stuff, and out.

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Once in a while I notice. There usually has to be something to attract my attention. Meaning the food catches my attention.

@GloPro Multiple studies show sugar does not make kids hyper. Some parent’s still swear by it though.

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Nah, i’m too busy riding mine & drifting round the tinned soups.

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Absolutely. I saw one old man buying a ton of frozen dinners and like two oranges once, how very odd, do you care about your body or not brudda? :) If I spy liquor I always give them crap too (small town “where’s the party?”)

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Sometimes. But usually to get a feeling of superiority over all the crap they are buying, not the most enlightened way of being at peace in the grocery store, but immensely easy self congratulation.

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I saw this fat, bald orange guy with tons of margarine in his trolley/kart.
The wife looked at me all puzzled like & I said, “I can’t believe it’s not Buddha”

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only when I’m waiting on line with nothing to do. Shopping carts tell a lot about people. Junk food and instant food usually show a person who doesn’t like to cook and is lazy. fresh food not just a lot of boxes show a person who cooks and knows their way around a kitchen.

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I do sometimes get a chuckle over the po foos drinking Coors Light and Bud Light and that sort of American-made swill.

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@Dan_Lyons I cannot resist the “Miller High Life, eh? Looks like a rough morning.” comment to the broke college kid when I’m standing in line with them. It always leads to an entertaining conversation.

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I do look in others carts, and try to figure out what they are making.
Often times, I like the things in their carts better than the things in mine.

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Is there no sense of decency?

I would no more pay attention to the contents of a person’s cart – much less analyze the foods being purchased – than I would evaluate the color car they drive or the person’s choice of apparel for the day.

Making those sorts of judgments suggests a degree of nosiness and busy-bodyness that is unseemly. I just can’t see any useful purpose for that sort of intrusion.

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It’s just fun. That’s all. We could play the car color, make and model personality assessment game, too, if you want. I drive a Kawasaki Ninja…

Sometimes I ask people where they found something that looks delicious. Sometimes I’m just seeing if what they eat matches what I think they eat. If the lady in the yoga pants had a cart full of crap I would try to accidentally poke her in the eye out of jealousy.

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Of course I look. What if they have something I forgot? Last time, I struck up a conversation with a guy waiting for a price check on ugli fruit. I didn’t even know it existed. Now, I’m going to have to try it.

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No, but Kinky Friedman likes to tell a story about a fella pushing a shopping cart full of rolls and rolls toilet paper that were on sale that day. As the guy is hauling his cart out to his car another fella hollers at him from the bus stop, “Jesus Christ buddy! How many assholes you got?!?”

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Sure. If I see an attractive guy, I check out his buggy to try to figure out if he’s single by his purchases.

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If someone has something I love in their cart, I may notice, but only because I happened to see their cart. I don’t look purposefully because I’m too busy trying to remember what I forgot to put on my list. And I don’t make judgments beyond, “Oooh, yummy.” It is absolutely not for me to judge what someone else chooses to buy at the store.

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It’s hard not to notice the 300+ pound folks riding in a motor cart filled with soda, hostess cakes, cocoa puffs and cheese doodles. I look in other carts and I’m like “Man, I guess we actually eat healthy.” “I wish they would get out of my way too”

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Never. I’m too busy trying to get in and out without running into anyone I know.

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@GloPro a 250, 500 or a real one?

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I wish there were ridiculously fit women in yoga pants here. I’d probably go “shopping” a lot more often.

I can’t help but notice the things people buy, since it’s all displayed quite openly.

I’m usually a little dismayed by people’s purchases. A lot of people are ruining their health. General knowledge about diet, nutrition, and even basic cooking skills are lacking. I guess that’s why the UK is catching up to the USA in terms of obesity, and we’re now the fatties of Europe.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me It’s a 600. Tops out at just over 100, which is plenty for me, and weighs about 420lbs. Because it’s top heavy, that’s also plenty for me. I’ve dropped it sitting still a couple of times because if it starts to tilt and I’m being lazy I can’t recover. I have my eye on a Ducati Monster 598 but the get up and go makes me a little nervous I’d kill myself doing a wheelie.

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That’s a real one. I gave up the crotch rocketing myself. I’m into dual sporting and wrenching on classics now. To keep it on subject I can fit a whole grocery cart, eggs, milk and all in the panniers on my KLR.

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All the time, and then I make comments and jokes and go into my comedy routines.
” Well it is obvious what you’re doing tonight, cart with cleanser, scrubbies and a fifth of Vodka getting drunk while scouring your toilet. haha
I had a moment with a little weenie man in the quick check tonight, I was 2 items over and asked both the clerk and the 2 people behind me if they objected. They did not, but Mr. stuffed shirt in front of me did.

Hah…too long to explain, but suffice it to say, not only did I shoot his feeble little arrows down in a blaze of glory but I had the entire line laughing.
I have an uncanny ablilty to leave people speechless and dumbfounded, don’t even try to outwit me bozo. lol

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In front of you, huh? That’s a special kind of asshole. The one NOT involved. What was in his cart.? hopefully stool softener

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@ LOL…stool softeners, I have to remember that, might come in handy someday. haha

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@GloPro I sense you and I could raze mankind together. hahaha

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That’s the Gloloma talking.

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Go lightly Glolomas. Not a chance, the Gloloma factor is a force to be reckoned with. haha

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