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Do we have silent potato chips?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) April 20th, 2014

I can’t hear Cosmos with all the crunching going on.

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How can a chip be crisp yet quiet? It’s a food heresy worthy of capital punishment.

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@stanleybmanly Sometimes one can suck the salt on the chips maybe we can suck a little more? Until it dissolves. I wonder how a solid piece of reformed potato into a potato bar.

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They are called fries.

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Just use your saliva to soak them and then allow them to disintegrate in your mouth.

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Pringles are best for this. A second with some saliva and they are silent eating.

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Αin’t no chip without the crisp!

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I kinda get where talljasperman is coming from. I lived in a place for a while where my every sound was bitched about. I went for a year where in my own room where I could only use headphones unless I wanted to get yelled at for being loud.

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Cosmos! :D

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No chip can make noise when I COME NEAR THEM!

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Mine don’t make a sound unless I chew.

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My chips are always silent, the fish can be crispy though.

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You can put part of the chip in your mouth and blow thriugh it. Instead of moistening it with saliva, you are moistening it with steam from your lungs. I learned this as a kid, when I would sneak into the pantry and get into chips, or cheesy crackers and didn’t want my brother to know I was eating them up.

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Dip them in yout 32oz, bottle of soda before eating.

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Dipping in chili makes it a little quieter. Dipping in chili w/cheese is best, and real tasty.
You could just switch to gummy worms. (Just make sure they don’t have lead in them.)

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Mash them finely and eat them with a spoon. Pre-chewed. Stir in a bit of dip for added maneuverability.

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@ibstubro A potato chip bar. Yum… I think we have invented a new kind of snack food.

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The stale, soggy chips in the back of the pantry don’t make any noise.

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(repeat of my previous comment above)

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I don’t know about a bar, @talljasperman, but you could certainly make the dip very stiff, then make little balls are roll them in the crushed chips. Sounding better and better! Perhaps use some of that cheese that comes in a crock, too. Ooooh…or that flavored soft Philly cream cheese. Fix a plate of balls, then roll them in the chips as you eat them. Crispy, silent potato chips and dip!

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I just ate plain lays potato chips with Nuttella chocolate spread.

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@ibstubro My tummy hurts… I’m going to drink some milk.

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