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Do you have any weird talents?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) May 26th, 2014 from iPhone

As asked.

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I can touch my nose with my tongue. Meh.

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^ Me too!

Uhm… I can still hula-hoop and do cartwheels. I’ll know I’m old when I can’t do a cartwheel anymore.

I have an incredible ability to fall down whilst walking with no warning and for no particular reason.

My other talents include forming large bruises on various areas of my body with no knowledge or recollection of the event that caused them, walking into people I did not see until making contact with them, and confusing right for left with alarming regularity, nearly doubling my drive-time to any location for the first time.

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I can toss grapes, or any food that’s relatively small, way in the air & catch it in my gob…never fail

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@ucme…. that explains a lot. It gives a fascinating insight into what makes you tick.

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It explains nowt ya daft bastard, if it made me tick i’d be catching pocket watches stoopid

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I am good at small talk.

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^^ Then get out there and make some new friends!

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@GloPro I told my mom that I was lonely and she sent me $60 for pizza and food for two days. I met the delivery driver Shelly from pizza 73 and she reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. I said hi and told her that I ordered the pizza and pop because I was lonely. She has braces on her teeth, like my ex.

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I can almost invariably predict a fight with my S/O!
Weird, HUH?

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I can do all sorts of voices, including a deep booming voice which no-one expects could come from me. I can mimic numerous sounds; bugs, birds, musical instruments, etc.

I can burp at will.

I can make a violet blossom look like a king sitting on his throne soaking his feet in a pot.

I can flick a bee with my finger hard enough to knock them to the ground, first try, never been stung.

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Hmm… let’s see… I can make random, pretty complicated origami things.
My fingers are quite flexible and I can do this weird witch-hand thing where I bend the top joints normlly and lock the bottom joints of all my fingers just a smidgen. It would probably freak out my piano teacher.
I can also make my iris/pupil vibrate or wiggle from side to side very fast (it doesn’t vibrate a lot, just a little).

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I used to be able to do the top-joint thing, @28lorelei, and I once practiced origami. Enjoy it!

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morons crunching buttons like demented chimps :D

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@28lorelei Oooh I can do that eyes thing. Always freaks people out. I don’t even know how I do it, I just can.

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That’s cool @Mariah! So it does.
btw I can also wiggle my ears :D

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^ I can wriggle my arms, so…

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