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Do you keep fruit in the fridge?

Asked by AshlynM (9457points) June 21st, 2014

I keep any fruit I buy in the fridge, I think they’re better cold.

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The only fruit that I don’t refrigerate are bananas (it seems that refrigeration accelerates bruising), and any that aren’t at least partially ripe.

When I can’t find any pears or nectarines that are at least partially ripe, I’ll store them outside the fridge until they start to ripen. Then I’ll put them inside once they do.

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I rarely put fruit in the fridge, except for pealed fruit. My family doesn’t like eating cold fruits. We always put fruit outside.

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Except for bananas, I keep fruit in the fridge. During the day I keep one or two apples on a plate on the kitchen counter so they are room temperature when I eat them.

I try not to leave food out at night. In my mind I imagine mice and ants roaming the area looking for things to eat. I want them to leave disappointed.

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Not apples and bananas. I do keep citrus in the fridge.

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Yes, of course.

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Berries – strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, yes. Cut watermelon, yes. Sometimes apples. Most other fruit, no.

Nuts, yes. They last longer (the oils don’t go rancid). I usually freeze them.

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I try to keep everything in the fridge that isn’t preserved. The only exceptions being potatoes, onions, and bananas.

It’s so absurdly hot and humid here that stuff goes rots and molds before it should.

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Yes. They last longer in the fridge all except bananas

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Berries, yes, not apples or peaches. The fridge turns the skins of bananas black.

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Apples, mangoes, avocado, peaches, bananas at room temp. Most everything else is the refrigerator.

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everything except bananas. we don’t like cold fruit so I take out what I want to sit on the counter for a while before I eat it.

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Here is a good guide to storing fruit that I try to follow.

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What @syz said along with Plums and Necterines too, best and most flavorful at room temp. Otherwise I keep melons and grapes and berries and all the usual in the fridge, yes.

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No I don’t, fruits tend to be very arrogant & can upset the chilled out vibe in the fridge, particularly amongst the dairy products.

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Love me some cold apples.

What’s funny is my phone auto corrected to say child apples….which I am not for.

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I try to eat the fruit I buy quite quckly so that it is at it’s best and most nutritious. I might put some stuff in the fridge that spoils easily but it doesn’t taste that great. I much prefer it at room temp.

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Not all fruits, but the ones that need that environment.

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I always have bananas, apples, and clementines along with canned pineapple.

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