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Barack OFurMa has been elected president, and his first law to be enacted is the mandatory wearing of a full body fursuit. Which animal fursuit will you wear?

Asked by ragingloli (41841points) June 27th, 2014

What sort of animal will you be?
Justify your choice, or else

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Which fursuit should I wear? Barack OFurMa’s!

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I hope you’re kidding. I look great in my eel skins, and I really can’t afford an entire new wardrobe.

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I’m already quite furry. I’d just stop shaving and go naked.

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I’ll wear kangaroo skin so I’ll have a place to hide all my guns – of course. Fur or no fur I’m Murican .

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Wait, we become an animal and have fur, or we harvest the fur and make a suit?

If the latter, then I’ll be a faux animal.
If the former, I’ve always liked the look and texture of the snow leopard
One of the prettiest coats is the ocelot

(When I say coats, I mean on the animals, of course.)

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* Sigh* All the people who don’t know what a fursuit is…

I’d actually be a bird, I think. A Merlin, or Lady Hawk, specifically.


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@Seek You’re right. I had no idea. I just looked it up! Ick! My suit will not have holes!

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I got Vulpine for that test. That’s a fox, right?

I could live with that.

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The real question is what will loli be?

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I don’t know @Seek , what does the fox say?

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whistle click click.
I do not expect you to get that reference.

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I had this in mind… because I got Vulpine in the test as well. Just thank Norway for its contribution to pop culture. Again.

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What the actual fuck did I just watch?

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@Seek have you NOT seen that? That is a very proud export from Norway. Ylvis is a comic/entertainer here. He has a few of these little ditties to his name and some are a parody of life here in Norway and others are just fun… like. ‘What does the fox say?’ Trust me, I have had to listen and dance at work to this song many many more times than is reasonable.

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“Yiff in hell” would be my reply when asked why I wasn’t sporting a fursuit.

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My 3 year old niece goes “ring a ding ding ding” when we ask her what does the fox say.

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Was that not the crazy frog?

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@ragingloli She’s 3, it’s close enough.

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I’d find those annoying fucking ponies, kill them all and wear them.

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@Symbeline I am sure you would look just darling in a Pinkie Pie skin!

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yeah, shake that rump

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@ragingloli “whistle click click. I do not expect you to get that reference.”

Having just watched it a couple of days ago, it is exactly the reason I was going to answer your question with “fox”.

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We have a white German Shepherd who shed constantly and copiously, so I’d just smear Vaseline all over my body and roll around on the floor.

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I would be a cat of course.

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Do you think the moderators will allow the following question:

Which animal (with fur) has the least amount of orifices?

Trying to figure out which animal has the best chances against ragingloli’s multi-tentacled predilections.

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Wookie suit.

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A human.

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