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Why do I feel thirsty after eating fried chicken?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) July 3rd, 2014

Well I went out last night and had some fried chicken wings and I found myself getting up from my sleep occasionally wanting to drink water. I had to do that about three or four times and I had to drink a lot to quench my thirst. What is the cause of this? Is it a normal thing or is it something I should be concerned about?

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I think it’s normal. Fried chickens themselves are “hot”. And that makes you thirsty.

Maybe the weather comes into play too. Is it hot in your place?

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After eating a fried meal it is normal to feel thirsty because of the oil. Fried chicken wings most times have a lot of salt so this increases the feeling of thirst. During summer the best thing you can do is avoid fried and oily food and drink a lot of water.

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Fast food has high levels of salt and why you are then thirsty after consuming the fried chicken wings.

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Probably all the salt and seasoning they use. Your thirst will go away in a few days. I always feels thirsty after eating ham, bacon and pizza.

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Long before I gave up eating meat, I gave up KFC for this very reason. I would eat there for lunch and then have an unquenchable thirst the rest of the afternoon.

I, too, say it’s the amount of salt, sodium. It’s incredible the amount of salt you have to put in breading to make it taste like anything.

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I’m not a big chicken eater, but I notice I get thirstier when I eat breaded chicken over other types.

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Try this: One night, cook (do it yourself) a dish with lots of salt on it.The following night, cook that exact same dish, all sides, drink and everything exactly the same, but do not use Salt. Compare the differences.

In the first one, you will reach for your drink a lot more often because of the effect salt has on your body.

Fast food uses a lot of salt on their products. So you will see this a lot in the fast food sector. Order no salt on your chicken and then get a salt packet to put it on yourself and put a smaller amount on.

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Thank you all.

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Well I think the reason people get thirsty is because maybe there throat is having problems with being hydrated. And you might not have enough energy or water in your system to move around so you would probably be lazy. And sometimes chicken can be really dry with no flavor or texture to it that could be another reason.

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