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Can you help me fear jail?

Asked by empatheticsadist (14points) July 5th, 2014 from iPhone

I feel no fear of jail and as odd a request as this is I want you to say anything and everything to make me fear jail. I’m losing my grip on my morals and as a sadist that means really bad things could happen if I don’t grab a hold of anything. Just please say whatever you can think of to make me fear jail. I have a therapist that I talk to but i can’t see him for a while. This is just a temporary band aide to get me through for a bit.

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Shower…Soap…Bend over :(

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I think a therapic is the best at this point. You are a sadist, and if I show you some prison-maltreatment things you will more likely to be turned on than have any fear.

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Yeah don’t show me stuff. I would enjoy that. Just tell me. Telling me won’t cause me any joy considering the fact that i’m thinking of it happening to me not others.

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There is nothing to fear in jail, once you learn that those bars around you can make an incredibly powerful weapon if you slam your attacker’s head into them.
That whole shower soap thing is baloney. There are too many guards watching the showers these days.

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Visualize that you will be cut off from anyone and just about anything you like to do.

And, you’re on a restricted diet of crappy food that tastes bad.

Almost terminal boredom, to the point that most inmates end up with mental illness.

And don’t get a serious illness, medical care is almost non existent until it’s too late.

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No. I sorry I can’t you will have to learn the hard way and go yourself.

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If you really feel like you are losing control and might hurt someone, in my humble opinion, you should check yourself into a psychiatric facility for evaluation and observation, if it gets to that point, if you can’t see your therapist. If you truly are empathetic you understand if you hurt someone, seriously enough that you might be facing jail, well, you can’t do that, because you can’t undo it. And if you’re truly empathetic it should be less about the consequences for you than the damage you might do to someone else. Really, if you are worried you are losing it get somewhere, a mental health facility, where you can’t hurt anyone until this passes.

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What ever foul sadistic thoughts you may have multiply them by a hundred and you still won’t be able to hold a candle to your cellmates and what they have done and are thinking of doing to you.

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@Dan_Lyons “That whole shower soap thing is baloney. There are too many guards watching the showers these days.”

Wrong. My brother has been in and out of jails and prisons his whole life. Prison sex (whether consensual or rape) is alive and well. Even if it doesn’t happen in the shower, it’s happening elsewhere.

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The loss of your freedom, which is what jail means, is incalculable. You can no longer do what you want, go where you want, or do things when you want to. Instead, you are locked in a small space for most of the day and night.

You get slop to eat.

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Go check yourself into a mental hospital. All you have to do is walk into the main entrance of the nearest behavioral hospital or regular hospital and say you feel like harming others and think you need to be commited. They will lock you in and try to treat you so you are not so sadistic.

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For me being forced to live and interact with others in a rather ominous setting is well more than enough a deterrent for me personally, along with losing my freedom. However, for you, maybe horrible food like nutraloaf will deter you. It’s generally used for problem inmates, but it’s not too much worse than the regular diet menu anyways.

I don’t think the fear of prison is of any real issue here though, because it appears your obsession with sadism may way be above this being a factor anymore. I’m not sure what to tell you if you don’t have anyone in your life that cares about you to help you through this somehow. If it gets too bad maybe it wouldn’t hurt to check yourself into some type of inpatient care, or tell someone who cares enough about you your problem here.

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What are your habits? In jail, they are gone. Someone told me once that he wanted a cigarette so bad while he was in jail, he tried to roll a moth in a pice of newspaper to smoke, but then he couldn’t find a way to light it. Even little things you think don’t have a part in your life can be a big deal when you are locked away from them. Right now you take it for granted you can go to the corner store for chips and soda if you want a snack. In jail, you eat when you’re allowed, what you’re allowed only. Some jails have no exercise time at all, and you don’t see daylight until your time is done.
When you have to go to the bathroom, there is NO privacy, and if dinner didn’t agree with you, EVERYONE gets mad.
It isn’t so much how horrible jail is, as it is how nice jail isn’t, and you share that with a bunch of guys who couldn’t give a damn how you feel about it, they are hating it enough for themselves.

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people watching you at all times, no privacy at all

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We have a family friend who went to prison and his info was eye opening. What is there to fear? Losing everything you have now and likely much of what you will earn in the future.
The financial burden will be huge. Before you go in, you, or your family, or friends will be slapped with legal fees, attorney fees at hundreds $ per hour for a few minutes of phone calls (and they make sure to call or write often), bail, and bail service fees, tax. While inside you will have to pay for your supplies, half of which will be stolen within days of arrival. When you get out you will pay for electronic monitoring. A percentage of your salary will go to paying for your counseling and probation and parole officer charges.
From that day forward someone will be sticking their hand out for the money you owe.
The list will include: attorneys, the State, ex- friends and family who paid your bills, ex-con roommates who need money for a TV or a car payment. It is endless.

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Some people need to go to jail in order to fear it.

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This is backwards. You don’t avoid bad behavior because you fear jail. You avoid bad behavior because it’s bad. There are moral theories about why these things are bad. If you’re not able to feel bad about doing them, (or enjoy hurting other people) then you need some serious mental health treatment. Please see a mental health professional.

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Thanks everyone. Im in a more stable mood now. Thats the most out of control I’ve ever felt in my life. The more i think about it, what you’ve all said, and what a good friend of my said the more I fear jail and the more I realize I don’t want to go through with sadistic impulses more than other things I enjoy.

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@empatheticsadist Hope you will adjust your morals as well :)

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