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If Fluther was a medieval kingdom, what role would you fit?

Asked by Berserker (33454points) July 6th, 2014

A question, for fun. So, Fluther is a medieval kingdom…and what are you in this kingdom? Royalty, a farmer, a peasant, a knight, a wizard, or perhaps a historian, an executioner…which medieval figure fits you the most, and what’s your role in ye olde medieval Fluther?
For example, I nominate ucme as court jester. I have permission to name him. He has to make people laugh…or get hanged if he fails in this.
Me, I live in a cave far away, because I’m the dragon. lol

You? Have fun with it. :)

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Royal Treasure Hunter

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Scullery maid.

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Up until last year I would have been the free spirited gypsy woman now I would be a damsel in distress. lol

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The Dowager.

cookieman's avatar

Court Jester

snowberry's avatar

a mouse in the corner.

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A fool, turned into a newt by a witch.

I got better…

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I’d want the gig of fitting chastity belts to all the sexy damsels, that would be fun.
A jester is fine though, but those buggering bells on my hat would soon get on my nerves.

zenvelo's avatar

A Magus visiting from the East…

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@gailcalled Never mind, I thought dowager meant crone. haha Now I know better. Dowage away.

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Dungeon keeper.

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I’d like to be a pirate, if that’s okay. I’ll drop in once in a while and take everything you own. Sorry.

@gailcalled, in my opinion, already is the Dowager.

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A dragon.

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(A Queen mother is a dowager queen who is the mother of the reigning monarch. In Downton Abbey, Lady Violet (Maggie Smith) is the dowager dutchess and mother of Lord What’shisname.)

longgone's avatar

^ ...mother of Lord Grantham – and you remind me of her on occasion. Please take that as a compliment.

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^^.. Being compared to Maggie Smith? Are you kidding? I can die happy.

longgone's avatar

^ I’m glad you think so!

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I’m Robin Hood’s badass sidekick woman that does all of the work and gets none of the credit. The one that is very cunning and stunning, that seduces the King to spy on the throne… For the well being of the less fortunate, of course. ~

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I’m the alchemist.

ragingloli's avatar

Hannibal ante portas essem.

talljasperman's avatar

Friar… or monk.

Dan_Lyons's avatar

Wizard. Call me Merlin

talljasperman's avatar

Scribe… or court scientist

Dan_Lyons's avatar

cook, all that food…

talljasperman's avatar

Dark brooding prince.

Dan_Lyons's avatar

The queen’s gardener (I’d trim her hedge)

GloPro's avatar

@nom_omnis_moriar This dead lady?

talljasperman's avatar

Being a pastry chef sounds good If I can eat the occasional fruit pie.

Coloma's avatar

@dxs Well then will you transmute my worthless copper coins into gold?

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I think I’ll be the Almoner. I like the idea of distributing alms.

Not the scribe. Nobody would be able to read a thing I wrote.

And absolutely not Groom of the Stool. That guy’s always an arse wipe.

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I might aspire to Reeve, if there was interest. My family vocation on one side.

I probably would have been a Monk that was too timid to aspire to Friar. Bet I would have made an ‘ell of a Friar.

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A cross-dressed thief/killer who thinks she works like Robin Hood, but is actually harming people. She forces people to pay in order to receive protection from the king’s tax collector and other thieves/killers.

She is a great-great-great-great-great grandma of the Mafia.

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Hermit with a zoo. That exists, right?

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The mystical woman, dressed in colorful scarves, living on the edge of the forest that grows herbs and mixes potions.

Or, the translator for the Oracle.

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Thanks for playing, all of thee. I actually learned some shit in here though, serious. :)

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I’d be one of the guys running around with a bucket to put out fires.

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@Coloma For that potion I require three newt’s eyes, turmeric, five crickets, and the root of a hemlock tree.

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Oops. I dangled a modifier. The mystical woman who lives on the edge of the forest and grows herbs and mixes potions while dressed in colorful scarves.

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

The immortal walking undetected among you.

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The Executioner.

Strauss's avatar

Thought I’d answered this one already!

I would have to be the minstrel/bard. No bout a-doubt it!

Coloma's avatar

I’d have done well as a goose herd too. lol

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Drunkard paladin bard.

level 30

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@linguaphile When I first read it, I saw “the forest that grows herbs and spices…”

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I’ll take your head and your quickening. There can be only one!!

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

@Esedess At last. The Gathering…

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