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Have you ever eaten a can of cherry pie filling?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) July 6th, 2014

What is a better way of using cherry pie filling other than being put in a pie? For one person?

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Possibly a T. or so over a scoop of vanilla ice cream (loaded with high fructose corn syrup, however.)

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No, but my Dad bought a can of cherry pie filling about a month ago and he ate the whole thing himself, with scoops of ice cream over the course of a few days.

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Spreading it on waffles doesn’t seem too bad, Over the course of a few days that is.

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I like mixing it with Cool Whip. Not a entire can. It is my version of the most unhealthy parfait you can make.

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Never. I don’t think I have ever had cherry pie filling in my house. I would put it on cake I think. Chocolate or sponge cake.

If you are inclined to eat a spoon now and then by itself I would do that rather than ice cream cake, or waffles. The filling probably has a ton of sugar, but the ice cream, cake, and waffles add more sugar plus fat and cholesterol and more empty calories. Don’t eat the whole can at one sitting.

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The thought of eating a whole can of cherry pie filling is disgusting to me.

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I agree with @jca. Yuk.
I would leave it on the shelf as emergency food in case I needed 1000 calories or so of sugar.
If you are going to eat it – and we all know you will – you should space it out over a few days.

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I’ve made a multiple layer chocolate cake, used for between the layers.

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You could probably make German chocolate cake with it.

But my first thought was, “oh noooo, he ate a can of cherry pie filling in one sitting, and is now asking us for advice!” It’s early, I’m groggy. :p

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Buy a cheesecake.

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No, but I ate almost 2 pounds of fresh red cherries in one sitting this weekend…

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