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Could there really be a Batman?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) July 14th, 2014

Is the story of The Dark Knight realistically sound? In real life society, is it really possible for some rich celebrity perhaps, build a secret hideout, learn martial arts, invent gadgets that could would help him fight crime and own a super car? Could there really be a Batman?

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Sure. Anything is possible. But how would you prove it?

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Up until the moment he gets shot in the face.
Meaning on his first night.

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Screw batman, where is IRON MAN.

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Sure, if you have enough ability to create advanced gadgets and such which are more advanced than this time period in general.

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No. The possibility is too far off the norm to be feasible.

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Of course there is no Batman. There is, however,
one beautiful Catwoman living just over there in the next condos.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter, although he is crap, smells & looks like a blistered elbow that someone stuck a Barbie wig on.

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Nope but there could be a Superman!

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It’s entirely possible for a wealthy business owner to moonlight as a vigilante.

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That’s why I would be additionally annoyed if I were captured by the likes of him.

I’ve seen the show. Jesus Christ the attitude too.

Sure, I reneged on a contract but I have more class in my pinkie toenail…

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@SecondHandStoke The show is ugly & extremely fake, much like his face.

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sounds like a real american

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And Armin Meiwes sounds like a real german.

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