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Do you like the way you look?

Asked by fuglyduckling (412points) July 17th, 2014

Or have you ever really liked the way you looked and felt fully confident about it?

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I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it either.

It’s just something I don’t care much.

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Depends on the state of my health and mood on any particular day, but for the most part, I’m quite satisfied with the way I look.

Not meaning to sound egotistical, but it astounds me how good I look to myself in photos taken in long-ago years when I lacked so much confidence about my appearance.

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I feel good with how I look. I am trying to correct everything I don’t like (naturally, not plastic surgery) and when I can’t correct it, I accept it.

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It’s hard to mess with perfection, baby.

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I’m fine with it.

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I do, very much. I’ve shaped myself into exactly what I want to look like…

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I’m a little heavier than I like to be and usually am, but I’m working on that.
Otherwise, yeah, I’m fairly attractive. I’m lucky I don’t need makeup to be pretty. I’ve got that girl-next-door cute going on.

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Not really. I am still trying to mould myself to be better. Both physically and mentally.

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@fuglyduckling What about you? Do you like the way you look?

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I have never given my appearance thought, except when preparing for a date or a job interview. In a few months I will be a three-quarter-centenarian, so I am even less concerned with the way I look, much to my wife’s chagrin. However, father’s face in the mirror in front of me gives me pause. That is not my recollection of how I look.

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Does it really matter?

The fundamentals – height – weight – shape of face – eye color -amount of hair – nose shape -build – simply can’t be changed. they are what they are and essentially immutable.

So it doesn’t really matter what I look like, because there’s not a damned thing I can do about it.

The best I can do is be clean and put-together.

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I am totally comfortable with my appearance. Especially now that I’ve cut my hair short (a fairly recent development). I feel like I’ve found my look now.

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Very much so. I am grateful to get up in the morning and still be here, so seeing that reflection in the mirror is thrilling.

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Infact I do like the way I look, some days are more bloodier than others. V….V

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I parrot @GloPro I have always been the “cute” girl next door type, plenty of male attention over the years, now I am a little on the heavier side thanks to stress and menopause the last few years. Read: Men-O-pause. haha I’d like to ramp up my exercise again and drop some pounds but all in all I’ve had a good run and truthfully I enjoy not feeling the need any longer to market myself in an ornamental fashion.
I have always wanted to be liked for my spice, brains and humor over my T&A.

If I do say so myself when I am in amazing shape I have one of the best pairs of legs ever to be formed. I was blessed with a petite but curvy figure and have been told on many occasions that I have a “darling” figure and many men have said they would follow my cute little legs anywhere. lol

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I’m getting there. I’m extremely critical of my body and, in the past, I was never happy with it. As many jellies know, I began lifting a few months ago and I got into nutrition and fitness in a big way. With all the research I’ve done, I could probably be a personal trainer and a nutritionist, though I don’t claim to be an expert (nutritionists and personal trainers usually aren’t either, unfortunately). I’m seeing some wonderful changes in my body thanks to my new lifestyle and it’s really exciting.

[Progress photos ahead. May be slightly NSFW, but no nudity. Only proceed if you’re interested, and not offended by bras.]

This is what I looked like in March of this year. Not technically overweight, but certainly not in shape. This is the body I got after years of yo-yo dieting, eating way too little, and doing only cardio. Blech. I was 140ish lbs (at 5’5”) and very unhappy with what I saw in the mirror.

This is what I look like now. Not perfect, not my dream body, but not too shabby either. I’m 10 lbs lighter, I’ve lost 7 inches total, and I feel awesome. I eat 1850 calories per day (and I don’t eat “clean,” paleo, low carb, etc.), I lift four days a week, only one day of cardio, and I actually like working out now, at 5AM no less! And my husband is over the moon with my newfound confidence, if you get my drift.

As you can probably tell, I love talking about fitness/nutrition and it’s a huge part of my life. People now come to me for advice on how to get in shape (both people I know and people on a fitness forum I frequent), and it’s an awesome feeling. If I can turn one cardio bunny into a heavy lifter, it’s all worth it. Lift big and eat big, ladies (and gents!). Your bodies will thank you!

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Kudos, @livelaughlove21, that’s amazing progress in just 4 months. You’re quite a poster child!

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@livelaughlove21 Awesome shape up kiddo! Oh, to have the 20 something bod again. haha

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I’m 19, and I still don’t think I’ve really grown into myself, but I’m just starting to look good in things I never would have worn before, and feel okay in them.

I don’t know. I don’t want it to depend on other people but it does.

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It isn’t that I like the way I look. It’s more the fact that I’m used to it. It’s like bumping into a friend. I like the way my friends look because that’s how I recognize them.

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Yes. Yes I do. I used to have an issue with my “big nose”, but I don’t seem to really care about that anymore.

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@livelaughlove21 Amazing progress.
As for the thread: there are still some tweaks to be made, but I’m comfortable for the most part. I just need to work more on my arms for juicy arms, brah.

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Yes. I’ve never been a “Perfect 10,” but nature was very kind to me. I really can’t complain.

There’s just one thing I’d want to change about myself – bad knock-knees, which get increasingly more pronounced. I can’t wear short, slinky dresses or skirts, because my knees look weird. I love ballet but can’t do it; a proper turn-out’s impossible, and knock-knees prevent even a simple pliĆ©. The worst part, though, is that my knees hurt like heck, and the pain’s escalating.

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I could stand to lose some beer gut, but other than that, no I’m pretty confident in my looks.

Then again, I’m pretty confident, period. So that’s no surprise.

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I do. I still seek to make improvements, though. And I would have liked to be taller than 5’3”, but oh well.

@livelaughlove21 Great progress!

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Generally, yes. There are a few things that I wish were slightly different about my appearance but I don’t lose sleep over it.

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No, because I accidentally got old when I wasn’t thinking. Damn!!!

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