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Have you noticed the new chat feature?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12677points) July 20th, 2014

In an effort to increase the usage of the chat rooms, we have decided to increase the visibility of the chat section of the website.

Look over at the sidebar to the right of this question. Part of the way down, there is a new box labeled “Users chatting.” This box lists the names of jellies who are in the Watering Hole chat room. This allows you to easily see when there is activity in the chat rooms.

Previously, the chat rooms were relatively hidden on this site. The only way a conversation would occur is if two users just happened to stumble into it at the same time. With the new “Users chatting” box, it will be much easier to start a conversation.

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Nice feature, but I will still rarely use it.

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I think the response would increase significantly if “users chatting” was up top beside “observing members” “composing members”. I bet a lot of us never check the right side of the screen.

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Very nice. Thank you for all your efforts @PhiNotPi

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Users chatting looks & sounds clunky.
In the Chatterbox is better, s’all.

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Yes, it’s nice. Thanks, @PhiNotPi

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I also believe this question is important enough that the rigidity of categories should be dispensed with, and the question posted in all 3 realms.

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Awesome! I can’t chat now, but I’ll definitely remember now that I see it there. In order to keep parallelism, why not capitalize “chatting”?

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@dxs I chose the current capitalization because, on the main page, “Users chatting” is located closer to “Popular topics” than to “Community Feed.” I’ll probably end up fixing it to all be capitals.

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I can’t see it from my mobile, but that’s still awesome! Great idea.

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Hey! Who wants chat? I’m there!

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Aw, I wish this feature had been around back in the day!

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don’t tell @Gail I said this, but this is awesome! Too bad I don’t do chat.

Good work @PhiNotPi

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Got a good chat going tonight. At one point up to about eight people. Flow was smooth.

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^^ How was the flavor?

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Nice idea. However, I know that I never would have noticed it way down on the page. Have you considered moving it above “Community Feed”?

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@hominid Yes, I did consider that, but I didn’t want to make the feature too intrusive before I knew what the reaction was going to be.

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[Update] For right now, I did decide to move it above the Community Feed (and adjust capitalization accordingly). I moved it because I felt that the response was positive enough. If several people liked it better towards the bottom, I’ll change it back.

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@cookieman The flavor was oatmeal to chocolate chip.

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^^ Mmmmmmm

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Great idea :)

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Wow, thanks phi. I can’t imagine a better way to revive the chat. I’ll pop in when I find some time :)

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Yeah, maybe you can have a group suspension
from the chatrooms on a daily basis like today.

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I’m being distracted by that chatroom a little.

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I can get to the chat room on my phone. There is a mobile version if it (and I do 99% of my Fluthering on my phone), but the ‘send’ button does not work (to post replies). Hitting ‘return’ on the keyboard does not work either.

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It works from my mobile.

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Maybe cookiedude needs to clear his cache.

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I guess it depends on what type of phone you have. If you enter the chat on the web version of the site, you can switch to the mobile version. Or you could stay in the web version. Hitting “return” works as the send button, on the iPhone.

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Yes, it works on the web version on my phone, not on the mobile version of the site.

And my cookies and history are empty.

Also, I’m on an iPhone.

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What would cause one to be suspended from the chat room? I have just seen several references to some sort of malfeasance late last night.

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Interesting concept: malfeasance in the chat room.

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(A not-bad name for a new board game, also.)

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Malfeasance in the chat room. I’d buy it!

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Generally speaking, users are kicked from the chat room mainly for one of two reasons:
– Spamming (which, of course, also results in a ban).
– Use of hate speech or personal attacks.
Neither of these are permitted anywhere on Fluther.

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^^ How about hate speech about spam?

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^^ How about spam about hate speech?

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Hate/Spam, a Spate of incidents.

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What happened to “Development is Dead?”

I like the chat room feature. I tried it, and found it worked well. Personally, I think “Community Feed” should still dominate under activity, but I think this is a great opportunity to advertise chat.

What are the repercussions of Fluther’s main activity moving to chat? For new members and topics?

Is this the “Fluther Phase Out?”

I like the chat, just trying to see the bigger picture.

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@ibstubro “What are the repercussions of Fluther’s main activity moving to chat? For new members and topics?

Is this the “Fluther Phase Out?””

I personally view it as the opposite. Years ago the chat rooms used to have quite a few users in them at all times. Having people using chat imo keeps people on the site for longer periods of time than they normal would be, so they’re looking at and answering more questions.

It’s also a really great place for us to bullshit with each other but not having to worry about going off topic if we feel like dramatically changing the pace of conversation.

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