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What are some uncommon ideas of things to do when visiting San Diego?

Asked by excredo (12points) July 29th, 2014

I’d appreciate some strange or uncommon suggestions. Such as where to go sightseeing, shopping or eating. Not the typical tourist traps.

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Hillcrest has the best record stores, if you’re into that thing.
San Diego apparently also has a lot of breweries, but I’ve never been to one. I’d personally go to Stone Brewing Company for a tour.

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Sending this question on to someone who lives there.

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Welcome to Fluther.

I would say “Join the Navy”, but I guess that’s actually pretty common in Sandy Eggo.

There are some interesting maritime / naval history exhibits, if you’re into that sort of thing. Here is one place to get you started. And another. The Maritime Museum also apparently includes the Star of India clipper ship, but I confess that I don’t know the relationship, or whether the Star is still berthed at the pier there or not.

The US Navy, of course, has a huge fleet base there, and if they’re in port, the aircraft carriers are huge to see even from a distance. I don’t know if public tours are available or not, but if I go there again I’d check it out.

There is also a very good aviation museum in town – which is the only one of these attractions that I’ve ever actually seen.

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I’m a big fan of Balboa Park.

There’s also a hang gliding school on a cliff that overlooks a nude beach. Can’t remember the name though.

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In Balboa Park there’s a model railroad museum in the Casa de Balboa building—many large & impressive layouts.

Tour the Midway, the decommissioned aircraft carrier now set up as a naval museum. Definitely worth the admission fee.

If you have a car you can see some impressive terrain driving east or northeast of the city, before you reach the desert.

There’s are two good Jewish delis w/ bakeries in the San Diego area: D.Z.Akins (east on I-8) and Milton’s in Del Mar.

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Hit the little hole in wall Mexican places of which their is a long and distinguised familial line.
“Robertos, Humbertos, Adalbertos, Jilbertos. ” haha
Oh man, my college days, hitting the all night Robertos across the street from my funky apartment.

Cruise up to Julian, a little alpine town about 50 miles east of S.D. or out to Dulzura for a back roads country drive.
Otherwise you’re looking at the typical Zoo, Seaworld, Wild Animal park.
La Jolla is a fun spot too, watch the waves, you might get slam dunked on the stealth.
You could also do some hang gliding at Torry Pines.

Then there is Blacks beach, the local nudist hotspot. Wear sunscreen. lol

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I haven’t been there in over 30 years, but if it still exists, Jose Murphy’s Irish Pub was away good for a bite to eat and a cold brew.

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Well as far as I know San Diego is most associated with fish tacos – traditionally battered fish fillets, deep fried, served in a corn tortilla with white sauce

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May I ask what kinds of crowds you’re into? Or hobbies etc?

I can answer your question from a 26 year old POV

I highly recommend Mission Hills, Hillcrest, North Park, South Park.

Luigi’s Pizza got Yelps top best pizza a while back that place is in Golden Hill…

Check out Little Italy in Downtown.

North Park has a ton of craft beer taste sites. The cool ones are, Belching Beaver (taste site/bar in North Park off El Cajon), Automatic Brewing (Blind Lady Ale House, Tiger! Tiger!) , Societe Brewing company that’s in Mira Mesa though… Modern Times Taste site in North Park or Sports Arena BLVD, that one is huge but you gotta find the warehouse.

Phils BBQ is really good was featured on one of those food channel shows. (Sports Arena BLVD)

Sunset Cliffs is nice, La Jolla shores is nice.

Balboa Park museums are generally free on Tuesdays… It’s a nice stroll…

I don’t know how to answer, I don’t know what you’re into…

We have a Land Mark Theatres in Hillcrest, also a really great Cupcake joint called, Baby Cakes (Hillcrest) It’s super packed on Sundays.

In downtown there’s this place called the Neighborhood, good burgers and beers. Also Noble Experiment which is sort of like a speak easy, you gotta call and reserve it and be on time and everything.

San Diego Contemporary Art Museum is nice we get a lot of experiment art that travels

Also I like the idea of OB during the day like lunch time way better than the afternoon. I don’t know that place just wreaks of BROS and college party kids who think San Diego is all about the beach scene, especially during night would not recommend it.

There’s also Kayaking, I’d recommend in La Jolla, I think it’s near Torrey Pines… It’s a woodsy beachy get away if you’re into Desert vibes

or if you want to pick apples, go to Julian

Or if you want to camp, go to Mt. Laguna

You can also visit the border and literally see the fence that separates USA from MEXICO. It’s beautiful in a sad way

blah blah

If you want to leave feeling like you visited the true San Diego where locals venture, I’d honestly have to say it’s with Downtown, Hillcrest, North Park, Mission Hills, Golden Hill area. The rest of the towns are so far apart they truly breed their own cultures. For instance I live in National City a predominantly lower, to middle class town with a high population of old school Filipinos and Mexicans. East County San Diego, is more old school white conservative vibes suburbia, not modern architecturally but fun if you like to shoot guns and ride horse backs. Also some farms out there as well as assorted gardens.

North County more modern white/filipino dominated suburbia. Down south Filipino/Mexican dominated. I highly recommend Lolita’s Mexican food… It’s pretty good for the hype, order a Cali Burrito or Carne Asada Fries, I don’t think you’ll be dissappointed.

IDK I’m tapping out for now

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Oh yeah, Balboa park..duh. haha

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Go to Mitsuwa Marketplace
4240 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego, CA 92111
It’s a Japanese market with some pretty cool stuff. They have a cafe in the front area that has every item on the menu as a plastic display like they do in Japan. Back in the actual store you’ll find a lot of weird stuff… It’s pretty interesting to just raid the candy isle for brands and flavors you’ve never seen/tasted.

The Comedy Store in La Jolla has good standup for cheap.

La Jolla cove is awesome.

Sea Port Village is fun for about 2 hours tops, but they’ve got some cool art there.

A little north there is the Del Mar Fair (horse races).

The Shout House in the Gaslamp is pretty fun and no cover on weekdays. (dueling pianos and stuff like that)

Flagship Cruise has breakfast/dinner cruises around the bay.

America’s Finest Film Fest2014 (08/02/14 @ 5:00pm, $16)
5775 Morehouse Dr, San Diego, CA 92121

Morley Field for disc golfing…

How old are you? What are you into? I’m just throwing shit I’ve done out there…

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We live pretty close man. I’m in Oceanside.

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Great restaurants in North Park. The Midway aircraft carrier is very cool. Tons of great breweries. Baseball game, although the Padres suck the stadium is nice. Anza Borrego desert. Mission Beach Park with the old wooden roller coaster.

If you do go to the zoo, go early and NOT on a weekend. Wild Animal Park is a schlep and IMO kind of missable, but the California condors are cool.

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