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What do you call the roll of plastic bags with twist ties that you use to put fruits and vegetables in the grocery isle?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) August 3rd, 2014

I have problems opening them, and I want to know what its name is so I can complain on how to open them. If you can tell me how then that would be fine.

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The roll of plastic bags with twist ties that you use to put fruits and vegetables in the grocery isle.
Here’s a technique: lick one of your fingers and put the end of the bag between them, then slide your fingers. After that, fluff out the bag to get it open.

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I’ve always called them “Produce bags.”

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Produce Bags.

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@dxs Don’t lick…
No please don’t lick your fingers to get that moisture. That nasty shopping cart handle you have had your paws on. Plus you just came from the Meat Dept. Lord knows what you groped there. The Fruits and Veggie Section usually waters down the produce so just get your digits wet with the offered water.

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Produce bags. They are for sale at Uline for roughly 1 cent per piece.

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Dude, I just made up produce bags. I didn’t know that was the real name.

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@talljasperman As part of your complaint you might want to suggest they try using bags made of slightly thicker material. The thin bags are difficult to open, sometimes require double bagging, and are occasionally discarded for another bag when they can’t be opened.
A bag that costs 10% more might actually save them money by reducing the number of wasted bags.
The higher quality, thicker bag material will also enhance the consumer experience.

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My technique, when water is not available, is to hold the bag between my hands, then rub my hands back and forth rapidly. This generates static electricity on the bag, and because the two sides have the same charge, they will repel each other. That causes the bag to open up about ¼”. I can pull it apart from there. Make sure you rub the end of the bag with the opening!

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@RocketGuy I use that same technique! I’ve never seen anyone else do it.

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Me neither! My wife and kids do it now. Applied science…

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