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Do you drink alcohol, and if so, what do you drink, how often and how much each event or day?

Asked by jca (35969points) August 8th, 2014

I almost never drink but today, there was a Tequila party near my house. I had a margarita. Usually, at a party, I’ll have one or two 7&7’s. Those occasions may be 3 or 4 per year. Then, maybe once or twice a year, I’ll drink wine at a restaurant or at my parents’ house.

What about you? What do you drink, how often and how much?

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I drink alcohol, but not often.

About a maximum of 3 units (1 unit: a glass of wine / beer) per occasion, at not more than three occasions per month.

Most of the alcohol I drink is home made. Can be wine, beer or distilled.

Most of the occasions are get-togetherness with friends at their or our own place. We never drink alcohol in public where we live.

I have had some friends that ruined there life thru alcoholism. I am very careful about it

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Probably like a bottle of wine every two weeks. I’m the only one in my house who drinks, so I usually finish it over the course of 2–3 days with dinner.

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Rum and coke.

All day everyday.

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I sometimes add wine to my juice for a better taste. Can it count?

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I drink beer infrequently, bottled Italian beer and pints of Tennents or Guinness.

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I say I don’t drink, but I will take a sip to try, and am willing to do a shot (usually scotch) on occassion. I probably have alcohol touch my lips once every few years. I’ve never been a person who drinks, but if I had to order a drink it likely would be something like a Bay Breeze. I think the last time I ordered one, or anything, was 25 years ago. Any drinking I have done, which is incredibly minimal, would be at a party.

Just a side comment, I hate when I buy a ticket for an event and drinks are included and soft drinks and juice aren’t included. Really? The guy next to me can get a well drink, but I can’t get a free coke?

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Similar answer to @JLeslie. I might have a sip or two of a beer or a shot of Italian liquor once or twice a year. There’s really no alcohol I enjoy the taste of, and I’ve tried plenty.

Plus, addiction (alcohol, drugs, gambling) was pretty rampant in my family growing up, so I never felt like tempting fate.

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A Bottle of wine or a few beers every other week or two at social events. I hate the ‘drunk’ feeling though.

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I think it’s been about 8 years since I had alcohol. Never really cared for the taste.

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I drink occasionally. When I do drink I’ll usually have at least two or three, intending to get a good buzz going.

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Rarely. If so, it’s a beer on a social occasion.

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I have about one drink a year, and 9 times out of 10, they’ll make me sneeze. Back before I was having allergic reactions to random things, I drank a few times a month in my 20s and 30s. I drank beer, rum & coke, vodka & cranberry, 7 & 7, Jack & coke, White Russians, toasted almonds, Long Island Iced Teas, etc. I’d drink some beer, and preferred Guinness stout, but I never cared for wine much.

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I have not had a drink since April 22, 1986.

Before that I drank pretty much every day and had done so since 1972. At least three or four days a week I would drink to the point of being drunk, often way beyond that point.

From 1972 to 1980 I mostly drank beer or scotch, but often margaritas and anything else that was around. In the 1980s I drank wine most evenings, and my hard liquor of choice was gin. And again, I drank what ever was handy.

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Sure but can take or leave it, last time I was gooned was after the brother in laws funeral and that was several years ago,Vodka is my favourite but will do others as well.

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I’m in college. I’m having my fun.

I drink most weekends. I go hard sometimes but not as often these days as I did around sophomore year. It’s fun and a giant relief to do something so normal after my years of walking a tightrope to stay healthy.

I haven’t drunk much this summer because my boyfriend is my only friend living near me right now, and he doesn’t drink.

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I probably drink two bottles of fairly cheap wine, like Berringer’s, per year. I’m not even sure if I spelled that correctly. lol
I prefer Asti but finding it is a pain. .

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At least two beer a day, usually an IPA, although I will drink and enjoy any kind, plus a minimum of one Gin and Tonic in the evenings.

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I’m pretty much a teetotaler at this point. The last real drinking I’ve done was around 8 years ago.

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2–4 lite beers maybe 2–3x a week in the hotter weather. I usually imbibe between about 4–5 p.m. and 6–6:30, then have a nice little dinner, drink tons of water and go to bed. No hangovers ever. I don’t drink at all, or very rarely in the winter, I want hot drinks like cocoa.

Very rarely wine or champagne and zero hard alcohol except the ritual double Bloody Mary when I fly the not so friendly skies.
Now, I do still enjoy a little herbal essence on occasion but that is pretty infrequent as well, maybe once every 4–6 months or so I’ll have a bit around for a week or so. My mini-vacation as I like to call it. haha
Putter around the house, do projects, get creative, eat cheesecake and cheetos. lol

I like the anticipation of my “treats” almost as much as the treats themselves.


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In one semester of College, I drank half a bottle of Pinot Noir every Friday night. I am convinced that this is what made my GPA rise that semester. Now, my drinking fluctuates; I either drink 10–15 beers (for the week) or go without drinking for an entire week.
I’m not a beer snob, but I prefer craft beers over AB. I’ll always order Guinness in a bar, though. I don’t drink hard liquor on a regular basis and I haven’t had wine in a while.

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Forgot to answer what I drink. I can’t stand beer but I’ll drink about anything else. I love wine and can tolerate any hard liquor if it’s mixed…can handle some shots if they’re flavored.

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We don’t have addiction in my family, we just don’t have drinkers. It has never been a big deal and never a regular thing to drink among any of my family members, even at special dinners or parties. Although, my dad in his later years took up a liking for wine, and now he does have some wine almost daily which is so weird to me, and a little annoying. He believes it is good for his heart. He has been doing it since about age 60, so it is not something I grew up with, nor do I deal with it regularly since we live in separate states. My husband’s family doesn’t drink either for the most part. When we eat out no one orders a drink the majority of the time. Maybe once every 5 years. Same with dinners and holiday dinners, almost never does any alcohol get opened. Since I don’t care about drinking, why spend the money?

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Since I’m Italian growing up with wine at meals was no big deal. As a young kid my grandparents would give me an ounce of wine mixed with seltzer. Since I am now a grown up wine with meals is a natural and I have never been drunk. A good wine makes the food taste better.

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@BeenThereSaidThat What if you can’t drink wine for days, weeks, or months? Does it bother you? Do the people around you notice a difference in your mood? I think a lot of people in the “wine every night” or “beer every night” culture actually are “affected” to the extent that if they miss their regular scheduled fix for some booze they are at minimum agitated. I don’t think everyone is like that, but I think more than most people think who participate in such rituals.

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Last time I used alcohol was to swab a shaving cut. Stung like the dickens but I didn’t wake up the next morning with a headache.

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Well..I just cracked an ice cold beer here at 8:06 pm PDT.
Hey…today I mucked stalls, fed and watered the horses at the ranch, rode a little, cleaned the goose barn, pitched hay with a pitchfork and walked the ranch dog.
An up at the ranch day of outdoor chores and activity in 90 degree weather.
I have earned this cold one. lol

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Import beer and local wine all day everyday. I smoke weed every weekend.

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@JLeslie to answer your questions, yes I can go without wine for days or weeks. When on vacations with people who don’t drink, I go along with them and have ice tea or water. Like I said before I am well over fifty and have never been drunk in my whole life. Not even as a teenager. I don’t like the feeling of losing self control. I’ve also never done drugs even while being a teen in the wild 1960 generation.

Sorry to disappoint you but I am not a alcoholic.

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About three times a year. A glass of sparkling wine. I don’t enjoy the taste, and I don’t enjoy feeling tipsy. I’ve never been drunk, but I have no intention to try it out anytime soon.

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@BeenThereSaidThat I am not assuming anything about you or dissappointed and I never thought you were drunk. I am not talking about being drunk. I am talking about missing the booze. If you think being addicted only has to do with being drunk then our definitions are different. When I was addicted to caffeine I was fabulous and normal with the caffeine in me, it was when I didn’t get it I was crap. I didn’t use the word alcoholic in my question to you.

If you can literally take it or leave it good for you. I’m glad, not dissappointed.

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I’m an occasional drinker. I love drinking beer more than any other alcoholic drinks around, but I cannot consider myself a heavy drinker. I can usually consume about 5–6 bottles of beer… add more and I’ll start feeling bloated. XD

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