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I was just hit by a car, what now?

Asked by hug_of_war (10735points) August 10th, 2014 from iPhone

I was riding my bike. I’m (mostly) okay but both my wheels are bent. This bike is new and my only mode of transportation. I just moved here (a week ago), I know nobody, and I’m really panicked. I can’t afford a new bike.

Please help me to calm down. My bike is basically my closest ally.

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If he was at fault, sue him.
In the mean time, switch to public transportation.

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Call the police and get a police report. If the car was at fault, he will need to buy you a new bike. You may have to go to court to prove it, so you will need a police report.

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I hope you tracked down who the driver was. If you need a bike right away, have you considered looking for bikes at a thrift store? They’re significantly less expensive there.

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Make sure you’re ok – recognize that you are probably in shock, and get yourself to safety.

Did you get any information from the driver? Licence plate?

Call the police and make a report – recognize they will probably do nothing if you can’t identify the car.

Go to a hospital and get looked over, or at least make someone responsible for being sure you’re ok. Like I said, you’re probably in shock.

If no one can track down the driver, you’re probably SOL for the cost of the bike. But don’t worry about that for a few hours.

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I am sorry this has happened to you.

Where are you located?

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If it was the driver’s fault, relax. All you need to do right now is call the police.

If it wasn’t, relax. Used bikes are incredibly cheap if you know where to look.

You’re upset. Drink a glass of water, be glad you’re okay, and feel better soon!

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Your question states ,that YOU hit a car meaning your fault and if so your sol and by all means let it go,if your the one at fault the car driver can sue you for any damages to his/her car.
BUT if it was the car drivers fault,then they owe you a new bike,and will probibly not want to involve the insurance company or the police, just repair or replace your bike.
Sorry for your mishap, and hope all ends well .

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@SQUEEKY2 Read it again. He says that the car hit him.

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Making sure you are physically okay and filing a police report are priorities one and two.

When you have the time tell us what sort of bike you have:

What type wheelset was damaged?

What is the frame material? Some frames can be repaired, some cannot.

We should later post a question if there are any Flutherites in your area with bike shop connections or ones with a wheelset, frame or a complete bike that might be able to help you.

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Take a cab to work if you’re not comfortable with the transportation system yet, keep the receipts and when you sue the guy have him pay you back for those fees too. If you do decide to take the bus, keep those stubs and sue for livelihood/emotional distress for altering your way of transportation abruptly. First off though, go grab a soda pop and just chill out.

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1. As others have said, make sure that you are physically well first of all. No bumps and bruises? No scrapes? If you’re still in one piece with no bleeding or broken bones, then consider that a great stroke of good luck in this bad situation. Breathe deeply and try to relax.

2. Be ready to replace the bicycle. You’d have to do that eventually anyway, since winters in Northern Ohio are no time to be riding a bicycle, so you’d need something else in a few months. Don’t do anything right away, though.

3. If you’re working and need the bike for transportation to and from, then call your boss (at home, this evening if possible) and let him know what happened and that you’re okay. Perhaps he will have some suggestions for temporary transportation, even if involves a co-worker (or himself) making a side trip in the morning and evening to get you to-and-from.

4. Contact the driver of the car next week when you’ve calmed down and ask what his plans are to make you whole again. Don’t immediately jump to any settlement – and don’t try to start the process while you’re still upset and trying to recover your normally calm state.

5. Also next week, get the bike checked out at a bike shop for everything that may be wrong with it. I would suspect more than simply “bent wheels”. Again, if that’s all it is, you’ve been very lucky so far. Keep enjoying that luck!

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Are you injured in any way?
Did the driver of the car stop and make sure you were OK?
Did you get their information?
Were the police called?
Were there witnesses that asked if you were OK?

Try to write down (or record a voicemail to yourself or video memo on your phone) as many details as you can remember about the incident, to help document the events.

If there’s any chance you have a whiplash injury, get yourself checked ASAP; concussions can happen with whiplash, even if your head didn’t strike anything.

Even if the incident didn’t happen on campus, talk to the security and health care staff there—even if they can’t help you directly, thy might be able to put you in touch with someone who can. Similarly with the University’s Department of Special Services – or whatever they call themselves.

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My sympathies, @hug_of_war. Biking is my preferred way to get around. I can’t bike this summer after surgery, and it makes me nuts.

As to affording a new bike, used bikes are cheap (compared to new bikes).

Craigslist? Or maybe a local bike organization?

Send me a private message if you’d like me to ask around for bikes in your area. I’m on a couple of email lists with readers around the US.

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Calm theyself. Was the other driver at fault?

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Whenever involved in any type of accident. – CALL the police. It is important to have a police report. Also you are entitled to get compensation for your injuries or damages incurred by filing a claim with the driver’s car insurance carrier, and reaching an agreeable settlement.

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Did the driver of the car stop and give you his personal information and make sure you were ok?

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You definitely should get checked out. You’re probably suffering from shock. Did you knock your head? Even if you had a helmet on.

Did you swap contact info with the car driver? Or at least get their number plate details?

I too am sorry you’ve had this experience. Can’t be very nice at all. Our tip has bikes sometimes. People buy them and don’t use them and take them to the tip. You might get a cheap one that way too. Or as has been suggested, a thrift shop. Fingers crossed you find a good bike soon.

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I still have no idea after reading all of this if the OP has the driver’s information. If you do, call him and ask him to pay to get a new bike. You technically should get a police report also.

Can you borrow money from a relative to get a new bike? This is one of those sucky situations where family can come through. Or, a relative or friend might have a bike you can borrow for a while.

Check Craigslist for an inexpensive bike, or I remember there is a website that people list things just to give them away for free, but I don’t know the site.

I also agree if you have no other choice use public transportation. Check the deals, there might be a monthly pass you can buy while you save for a new bike.

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