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What kind of person are you (details inside)?

Asked by Kardamom (28250points) August 16th, 2014

Are you a person that is easily annoyed, or are you a person that is easily amused?

How does that affect your life?

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Both, depending on my mood. I do tend to get into moods when everything and everyone, but there are other times when I laugh hysterically at the “idk/lol” commercial and my husband looks at me like I’ve gone nuts.

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I have to agree with @livelaughlove21 it depends on my mood, sometimes every little thing drives me crazy, and other times nothing does.

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Usually, easily amused. I often see the funny or clever story to be told later when something frustrating happens, while others are angry about it.

I can be quick to get annoyed if I have a history of being annoyed by something specific and it starts happening again, or someone starts doing it again.

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I’m easily amused and not easily annoyed.

This was not always true. It is one aspect of aging that I enjoy.

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For me it’s not one or the other. I can be easily annoyed and easily amused, depending on my mood at the moment.

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I am typically very good natured, easily amused and easy going.
However….I have been really stressed and not happy this year and it has lent itself to my digressing to a more irritated state of mind at times. It takes a lot to sour my disposition but this has been a year or so of a steady diet of sour grapes. My cup runneth over with bad wine. haha

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I am a truthful man from the land of the palm trees.
I am easily amused, even when in danger. That doesn’t mean I am not frightened, but that I tend to find things funny when I shouldn’t.

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I was easily annoyed for the longest time until I realized that being easily amused was the way to go.

Being annoyed will not change the person or thing that annoys me.

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I’m easily amused. I can be annoyed but I get over it very quickly.

But that doesn’t mean it’s hard for me to be annoyed. But I have a habit of bottling up my negative feelings. Only when it’s too much for me do I let the feelings go.

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I see amusement in almost all situations, can be a little tricky sometimes.
Takes a helluva lot to annoy me & even then only for a brief moment.

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I have a very long fuse, and am practically never angry.

I am amused and, for that matter, moved, by many events – from a child’s first words to an adult’s show of bravery.

But mostly, I am a cynic. I don’t expect much from people.

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Not easily annoyed. I can be easily amused, I only got one life. Thankfully silly jokes and bouts of immaturity come to me naturally, and are not forced by said you only live once thing.
I do tend to annoy some peeps though haha.

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I’m what you call ‘easy-going’.. I tolerate and rule by “live and let live”. I do get upset with those who feel they must ‘nanny’ everyone they encounter and have no respect for liars and haters but if you want to surf on a ripen banana I will be glad to sell popcorn and corn dogs at the event.

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I’m not interested in much. I’m easily annoyed when it comes to people…

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To say it lightly, I’m “easily annoyed.” Not my choice of words but, that’s what you’ve given me as choices.

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Continuing a bit further.. I’m also easily amused.. I can laugh at myself more than anybody I know and I try to see the best in others although I don’t have much use for zombonic brain dead idiots..

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Easily amused. I have Low Delight Level – LDL!

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