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I am taking clarithromycin, my glands and head started hurting, should I continue to take it.

Asked by Badlands_babe (4points) August 19th, 2014

Swollen glands headache while taking clarithromycin.

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Headaches are fairly common with it, but don’t check here. Call your doctor. That’s what you’re paying them for. The advice you get here is worth exactly what you pay for it. And welcome to fluther.

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Call doctor or pharmacist asap, and certainly before taking another dose, please. Welcome.

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Please call your doctor’s office!

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It’s an anti-biotic and they gave it to you to kill some biological threat to your system. So if you don’t take it, the bug or disease or symptom isn’t going to go away. For that reason alone you should take it.

If it has side effects, then have the prescribe something else. But don’t quit taking an anti-biotic, because the effects of not taking it (and letting the bug continue to thrive) can be very unhealthy.

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Call your doctor to switch your meds. He might have you take one more pill to confirm it’s really from the drug, but definitely consult with the doctor. Do you have any double vision? If so I would not take one more pill of that drug.

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