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Ever been stuck on an elevator, on a late afternoon weekend day, with no one in the building, and what would you do?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) October 4th, 2014

I had to grab some files from my office and we have 24 hour access to the building. I rode the elevator up the third floor, grabbed my files and walk back to the elevator. It comes up normally, I step in and hit the button for the lobby, and then I look out the glass wall on the outside side. Nothing happens. I look over to the panel, the lobby light is lit. Okay, try another floor, nothing. Try the open door button, nothing. Okay look for a reset button, nope. Okay, stay cool, press the alarm. Wuss city, no ones going to hear that. Try muscling the door open. It’s one of the single doors and my hands are too big to get in to reach the door. Okay, wish I had brought my cell phone. :( Okay, keep calm. Wish I had hit the men’s room when I considered it. Well , try the phone at the bottom of the wall. It goes right to the home office of the elevator company. Get an automated answer, say emergency. Get a test elevator response, door opens and closes immediately. Hope. Stay on the phone, get a person, yay, explain where I am. Ask her to hit the test button again, door opens. Escape! Yay. That sucked. Remember the call phone is on each elevator if this happens to you.:).

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Have a good 15 minute scream followed by a long nap.

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It happened to me once. I was visiting a friend. Her apartment building has old elevators, and they are outside. It got stuck between floors. I had my cell phone with me, and I called her. No, there was no emergency phone, and the button did nothing but make a buzzing sound. My friend called the manager, the manager called the company, and they could not come for three hours.
When they arrived, it took another two hours to get me out.
I was never so glad to have a big gulp cup with me!

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If I had no phone, I’d completely panic and lose my mind. Ok to be honest, I’d do that if I had a cell phone too.

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I’m so impatient it would be a challenge to remain calm.

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I hope I would remember the phone in the lift and that there is somewhere there to answer it. Otherwise, I’d freak out! I’m a bit claustrophobic. That would seriously upset me.

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I have never been in that situation before. But if I did, maybe I would dial the emergency number inside the elevator. If I had no phone or there was no number, then… well, maybe act like some action movie people do: claim onto the trapdoor and escape :P

By the way sorry you were stuck in the elevator. I have never stuck before but from what you said (and from what I read) I can see that was a horrible experience. I’m glad you finally got out.

And maybe I can use your details for some thriller of mine ~

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Not in an elevator, but I did find myself locked in a hotel’s housekeeping storage closet on a Friday afternoon. The panic that you describe is very similar to what I went through.

A co-worker at another hotel did get stuck in an elevator though. The was before the hotel was open and construction workers were still conducting the finishing touches. The young lady was responsible for answering the PBX (hotel’s switchboard) in case there were any reservation inquiries. Two workmen were heading back up to one of guest room floors, and for a reason I cannot recall, she went with them.

Several seconds later, the three of them found themselves stuck in the elevator. The emergency phone was either connected to the PBX or not yet operative. They ended up spending the night in the elevator until someone came along the next morning and sought help.

When I asked her about it, she said that in hindsight, it was a bit of an adventure, but not to ask her for the details.

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I’ve locked plenty of people away in isolation. In your case though, it wasn’t a someone, it was something. Perhaps that potentially demonic creature you see in the building lurking around is coming for you.

Next time, when this happens, you’ll be better prepared with a cellphone. It won’t come on however. The elevator lights will go out and no humans around to hear you beat and bang and yell the pitiful words, “HELP!”

You may find a match on you or the floor and you strike it. Finally, light. About a minute has passed, the flame flickering out. Then it’s going to happen. By the glimmer of the half-extinguised light, you’ll see the dull yellow eye of the creature open from across the elevator. It will breathe heavy while a convulsive motion agitates its limbs.

Nowhere to hide, Adiron.

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I refuse to ever find myself trapped. I take the stairs.

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@WickedVamp Hey, its a risk you take in using mechanical stuff. It always breaks at some point. Although I’ll have @Mastema‘s answer in the back of my mind next time I use it. Plus I’ve been in there to midnight. Now that would be a thrill if it stuck then.

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I’m surprised no one has mentioned using an elevator ceiling’s trap door. Maybe they aren’t made any more. Or maybe they are still there, but are hidden from view by ceiling light covers.

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I couldn’t locate a door up there, It’s solid across the top, or so it appears. I was considering punching tiles till one popped.

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I’m not tall enough to reach the ceiling in a lift @Pied_Pfeffer. I’m also not brave enough to climb around in the lift shaft I don’t think!

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@Earthbound_Misfit Nor am I on both parts. However, if stuck in an elevator with at least one other person, and depending upon the situation, it might be worth checking out.

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After I considered the trap door I rejected that idea. I was still on the third floor, so climbing up would only leave me stuck between the third and fourth floor. Plus if I could get to the fourth floor door I’d still have to get the floor door open. I didn’t think it was worth the risk at that point. If I had fire fighters on the fourth floor they could get me out that way, but I tried the other stuff first.

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