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How old are you? (I know, I know...)

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) November 17th, 2014

I’m only asking because I took a break from Fluther and I don’t have quite as good a grasp of the users anymore.

Obviously, if you’re uncomfortable answering, just skip the question.

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19, physically.

29 and 9, mentally.

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Like what is really under the hood of my Integra.

This information is classified.

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I’ll be 68 in about a month.

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[mod says] This question was relocated to meta as it pertains to Fluther users!

Also, I am twenty-five.

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^ Second that.

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Late forties.

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Old enough to know better, and too old to care ;-) I’ll be a young 63 next month.

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Just turned 48, my mind still believes i’m 12, suits me fine.

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Same as Picante. Tip of the hat to ya, my dear.

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Unbelievably 53.

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Early Fifties .

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I will turn the big 55 ( fuck, senior citizen status arrives bah! ) on 12–26.
Rock on 70’s babe. lol

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This year. Ugh. I’m getting old. Good thing I still look good.

How old are you DD?

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Just 45. I don’t think of that as old!

talljasperman's avatar

infinite. or 37 human years.

ragingloli's avatar

I thought you were over 9000.

DrasticDreamer's avatar

Ah, sorry! I guess I should have included my age. I’ll be 30 this March.

dxs's avatar

19.37808 years since the day I left my mom’s womb.

talljasperman's avatar

@dxs You can add 9.5 months while you were in the womb.

Tropical_Willie's avatar

I remember Truman as President of the United States.

Coloma's avatar

My daughter turned 27 today, I feel old now. haha

FireMadeFlesh's avatar

This describes my age quite well also.

zenzen's avatar

Older than most here yet younger than Brian. Young at heart, wise beyond my years. Modest to a fault.

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By the way, 87 is how old I feel, I am a few decades younger. For a moment I seemed to be the oldest in the tidepool!

Coloma's avatar

@ZEPHYRA Haha…I hear ya, some days I feel like I am 107.

Winter_Pariah's avatar

Am 23 but everyone thinks I look 17–18, mentally, I’m all over the place.

FutureMemory's avatar

Jesus Christ on the cross, 41.

How the hell did that happen.

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Late teens.

Really,really, really reaaallllly late.

Like forty years late.

Late enough to remember saying:

“Don’t change Dicks in the middle of a screw, vote for Nixon in ‘72!”

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@DrasticDreamer, what day in March? Mine is March 31.

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@DrasticDreamer “I’ll be 30 this March.”
@ibstubro will be 54 this March 30.

How old will @GracieT be on March 31st?

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Mine is mid-March. I’m a Pisces. I don’t put my birthdate on here because it’s one of the details about me that may make me easier to figure out if my “real life” friends ever came on here.

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112 when I wake up each morning, increasingly a tad younger as the day goes by.

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@Pachy Do your arms and hands still work?
I need a guy with arms and hands in exchange I will donate use my back and legs. haha
Specifically thumbs and wrists. Man, pain free thumbs and wrists are something we take for granted. lol

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I’m glad to see other middle agers on here. 50 for me.

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@Coloma Pachyderms don’t have thumbs, that is why they don’t skydive.

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50 as of May 2014. And no, it hasn’t been nifty.

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@ibstubro, I’ll only be 45. (Like I posted before)

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@tedibear Hey, the bears are a month apart in age! (oso is bear in Spanish)

tedibear's avatar

@osoraro – Has your fifty been nifty? I want somebody to have a good year!

osoraro's avatar

@tedibear It’s been pretty good. Sorry your year hasn’t been.

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I always took you for about 22 @AshlynM.

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When you asked the question I was 47. Now, I’m 48.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Well, happy birthday and happy Thanksgiving @downtide!

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Happy Birthday DT!!!!

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51. I was one month old the year that President Kennedy was shot.

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