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How do you deal with smokers at your home?

Asked by orbutsbi (312points) December 14th, 2014

Not at all.

I have not smoked for about 15 years but I still allow smoking in my home.

Smoke is not a modern invention.

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I do not allow them to smoke.
They know where the door is.

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not allowed! because we have a small baby home

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No smoking allowed in our house. Several of my family members smoke and they go outside when needed.

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No smoking here. They can go on the deck or in yard.

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Absolutely NO smoking in our home or our vehicles,only one person got all upset for me not allowing him to smoke in my truck,and no one has ever asked to smoke in our house.
They go outside.

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No one in my home smokes. And of course we don’t tolerate smoking. I have a neighbor who constantly smokes, everywhere. We always close our doors when he comes near.

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No smoking at all in my home. I grew up with a heavy smoker and kids at school made fun of me because I smelled like smoke. It’s a disgusting, filthy habit. Smoke outside away from my windows if you need to smoke.

I’m an ex-smoker. Quit cold turkey almost 12 years ago.

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I would ask them to go down to the corner. Being in front of my house is still too close. Luckily I don’t have any friends or relatives that are stupid enough to smoke.

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I don’t allow smokers in my home. And ever since I had kids (19 years now) I have not let people in my house who have had recent cigarette because the smoke sticks to them.

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I’d expect them to go outside to smoke.

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They go outside, or to the garage in winter, no smoking in the house.
I’m a smoker as well.

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I’ve never smoked. I had to grow up with two chain smoking parents. As soon as I left, I determined that I’d never be in a position where I had no choice about it ever again.

I really only have one friend who smokes and he’s well aware of the fact that there is absolutely no smoking ever in my house or car. There are never any ashtrays around
That’s what the great outdoors is for.

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I won’t allow anyone to smoke on my property. And if they absolutely must, I’d prefer they do it in their car, where less of the fumes will pollute the air I breathe.

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I do not understand what you mean by “deal.”

Interact with smoking persons as a pleasant, intelligent and engaging human being.

That is if you have the ability.

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@SecondHandStoke Even if a smoker happens to pleasant, intelligent and engaging, if I don’t experience them as such because of them smoking in my presence, it’s a deal breaker anyway. Some people actually get sick from second hand smoke.

Every rare once in a while I meet an extremely considerate smoker who is actually concerned that their habit might negatively affect me in some way. But I could probably count those people on one hand. I’m more used to those who simply don’t care, or sadly, the more militant “I’m gonna smoke when I want and where I want, and to **** with anyone who tries to stop me” smoker.

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I’ve been fortunate in that any smoking friends whom I’ve had through the years have been the ones who are considerate; not just to me, but to anyone else who is not a smoker.

They will always take the initiative with strangers to ask “Would you mind if I smoke?” and if the person says yes, it bothers them, they don’t cop a crappy attitude about it, they just go outside for their smoking.

There are many smokers who are pleasant intelligent people so it’s not a problem.

But there are enough of the boorish unintelligent types around to poison the atmosphere, literally and metaphorically.

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Most smokers seem polite to me. One of the last auctions I even had a guy come up and make a point of asking if I had a problem with him smoking an E-cig. I just told him that if someone made a big deal about it to be polite.

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So it’s a deal breaker.

Funny how that works in the smoker’s favor.

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In winter they get the garage.

How very beneficent of you @El_Cadejo

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The anti-smoker’s attitude is far more toxic than anything my Nat Shermans contain.

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@SecondHandStoke: @El_Cadejo said he is a smoker as well.

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^ That’s cool.

I don’t see your point tho.

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@SecondHandStoke, he’s not expecting his guests to do something he doesn’t do himself. He goes outside to smoke too. Nobody smokes in his house. That’s the point.

Isn’t that his right? Indeed, isn’t it the right of the homeowner/renter to decide what happens in their house? You choose to smoke. Fair enough. You can still do that, but not in his (or my) house.

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@SecondHandStoke: What @Earthbound_Misfit said. @El_Cadejo is putting smokers in his garage, which is what he does himself, since he is a smoker. You sounded sarcastic when you said it’s very beneficient of him, but he would be right there with them, since he is a smoker too.

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@SecondHandStoke Yes, militant or smokers who simply don’t care. They pretty much add up to bullies in my book. And bullies often get their own way until someone with more clout than they have make them stop.

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His being “right there with them” doesn’t make the effective segregation acceptable.

Though it is prerogative to handle himself and others how he wishes in his own home.

However this speaks of the larger picture which is the agenda to attempt to pressure smokers to cease their chosen indulgence by means of discomforting and inconveniencing them.

Anti smokers believe that if those that choose to smoke are forced, with the state’s help, to relocate or be subjected to inhospitable environments they will give up their experience altogether. This thinking is flawed.

Anti smokers will cite health statistics (sorry, guess what, cigarette smoke is reactive in my body too. Your Second Hand Smoke argument might be accurate but is not relevant).

I know that to some of you my argument for being able to sit, leaned back and relaxed in a restaurant or bar, savoring a cigarette with my bourbon or fine cognac like aged beer is an alien concept, but to some of us it is not.

Indulgence. Hedonism. I’m aware the concept isn’t for everyone.

But let’s talk hedonism:

In this age where pot smoking is gaining legal ground while the government cracks down on (heaven forbid) the smoking of tobacco, what is one supposed to think?

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How do you know it’s about changing your behaviour? For me it’s about not wanting to breath in your secondhand smoke and if I had children (which I don’t now but did until they grew up), it’s about respecting their right not to impose your smoke (or mine if I still smoked) on them. I can choose to come outside with you while you smoke, children don’t have the power to insist smokers take their smoke elsewhere. Don’t they have the right to clean air? The secondhand smoke argument is definitely relevant in my house.

As to restaurants, public buildings and the like, I hear you. I gave up because I didn’t really want to have to go outside and smoke in the street like the addict I was. I also objected to being an addict. I didn’t want my behaviour to be driven by the need to consume a drug and as such by cigarette companies. So I gave up.

I don’t think making life uncomfortable for smokers will work. Perhaps taxing them into giving up might work. I get that it’s pleasant to sit back after a meal and have a cigarette. I used to like doing that too. Not sure I would now. However, I don’t think my desire to smoke a noxious drug trumps the non-smokers right to not share the pollution I create. Since smokers are becoming the minority, certainly in Australia anyway, the non-smokers have all the aces.

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Your argument has one fatal flaw. The reason why people have objections to your hedonism via smoking is because it affects their ability to breathe.

Has it escaped your notice that no one at all is expressing a problem with your displaying your hedonism by indulging in the finest most expensive wines or spirits? That’s because, unlike noxious smoke, it has zero effect upon the people sitting near you. So indulge all you want to in whatever you eat or imbibe. Just realize that others have no desire to be subjected to the stink of the fumes from your cigarette. That’s really it plain and simple. Indulge your hedonism all you please. Just keep the smoking portion of it in the privacy of your own home. Don’t be expecting to invade my home with it.

Denying your enjoyment of hedonistic pleasure has absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand. The problem is when it interferes with others ability to breath. Eat drink and be merry all you like in public spaces. Enjoy. Just keep your stinky fumes in your own air space. Don’t invade mine.

Why is that so difficult for you to understand?

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You would not let someone take a shit in your living room either.

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Good point, loli :)

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Or to make it more accurate, to let him have explosive diarrhea all over your furniture, walls and curtains. Because the smoke gets everywhere.

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A gross but accurate analogy.

You are too funny for words.
You really crack me up majorly sometimes :) :) :)

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explosive diarrhea all over your furniture, walls and curtains. Because the smoke gets everywhere

And a little bit goes down your throat, too! Yuck!!!!

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Not only do the carcinogens from smoke linger on walls and furniture, and not only does smoke impair everyone’s ability to breathe clean air, but the smell of smoke lingers on walls and upholstery and clothes, and I don’t want my house to smell like that. It also discolors walls and windows. If you have ever washed walls and windows to prepare them for painting, in a house that a smoker has lived in, you will know that the water turns amber from the nicotine that attaches to everything.

In the case of your criticism of @El_Cadejo, @SecondHandStoke, I still don’t understand. He is asking them to smoke in the garage as he does himself. What is wrong with that?

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I feel the same way about booze. I feel booze should be banned full stop. No drinking in my home, no drinking in public places and simply just no drinking. Why?

It is proven that booze is responsible for ‘most’ road accidents, road deaths, it also aggravates and can be party to murder, suicide, rapes and violent crime. Too much of it wrecks your heart your brain and pretty much your health overall.

So, you might say, I have one drink a night or two. So what if a smoker has one smoke a night or two? The only person he or she is really damaging is them self. I agree it stinks! I reckon though you have more worries about pollution in your area than a couple of ciggies a night (exposure). Booze, also stinks, if a person drinks in my home, I tell them to dump the stinking bottle and wash their glass. it literally reeks to me. In fact both reek to me cigs and booze, so does grass.

Second hand smoke? I hate it and I smoke! Second hand smoke affects me worse than smoking. So, I understand. However, booze and the affects of that has also effected me.

In the UK you cannot:

smoke in ANY restaurant (no smokers area provided)
The outside areas are bloody freezing and its always wet and cold here
no smoking in bars
no smoking anywhere and the best part of all this is, you cant even smoke vapor cigs in any public place (haha! How fucked up is that??).

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@SecondHandStoke I’m confused…. why exactly am I a bad person here? It’s not like I send them out in the snow to smoke while I sit comfortably in a chair next to a fire enjoying my cigarette. I’m out there too. Is it that bad that I don’t want everything in my house covered in tar?

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No one smokes in our house. They can smoke out on the patio if they rarely visit. If it was someone staying with us for months even on my patio would bother me.

Very few people I know smoke.

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I am a smoker myself but I live with my dad and his rules are that i cant smoke in our van and i have to smoke outside of the house.i would just politely ask them to sep outside or wait until they get home.

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I don’t mind if they smoke in the house but weed smokers have to use the basement. I don’t want my living room to smell like that in case the man comes to repress me.

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Just a little story that relates to this discussion:

My family and I were walking out of a store yesterday and standing outside the door was a woman smoking a cigarette. She blew the smoke and it went into my 3 year old’s face. I bit my tongue and tried to shrug it off. But my son unexpectedly said “Yuck! It smells stinky out here!” And coughed. My husband and I glanced at each other and started cracking up. We had both wanted to slap the lady who blew smoke in his face but kept quiet instead. Turns out our son can handle himself just fine! It was cute and funny but made an impact at the same time. The lady didn’t say anything but she put her cigarette out.

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