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Do you give a christmas tip to the person who delivers the newspaper?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28883points) December 19th, 2014

She (I think it is a she) throws the paper on my driveway around 6:20am – I never see her, never met her.

Do I send a Christmas tip?

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I wouldn’t, if you don’t have any kind of relationship.

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I tip well. I live on an awful street for snow and he has to drive so far in miserably cold weather. He puts the paper in the mailbox at 4 am so it stays dry. He also uses plastic bags to keep everything neat on Sunday. Yeah, I tip him.

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I feel $2 or $3 per week is not unreasonable where I live: snow, dead end street, and he gives great service.
I have seen suggestions for $20 but that seems way too low for what he has to do.

I pushed him out of a snow bank a couple of years ago at 4 am and decided he deserved a lot more.

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I do, because it’s a helluva job to have at an ungodly hour. My carrier never tosses into puddles or into the middle of deep snow. For most of the carriers I have known it’s a second job. I think they deserve a good tip. For 365 delivery I give $50.

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$25 for the newspaper person and twenty to mail carrier. No snow problem in the neighborhood.

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I would yes. Humor of the day, at 1st glance I thought your Q. read ” Do you give a christmas TREE to the person who delivers the newspaper.
A very hard job, awful hours and weather conditions all so you can read the morning rag.
I delivered a rural mail route once and loved finding little gifts in my customers mailboxes for me at this time of year. It makes a hard job a little cheerier. Everyone likes to feel appreciated.

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I think it’s a good thing to do. Your newspaperperson doesn’t earn much money performing a service you count on daily. ‘Tis the season to show your appreciation.

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Yes. $35. He was so appreciative.

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Oh, I should add that I get the paper only 3 days a week (Thu., Fri. and Sun.), and no deep snow problems here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I tip the guy because he is very conscientious and always puts the paper by the front door, whereas the previous carrier would just toss it anywhere; many times I had to fish it out of my bushes. So, I’m appreciative, too, and I show my appreciation.

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I do. I have never met mine either, but the paper is always there. I get up and get the paper at about 5:15 a.m.

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No. Tipping isn’t a big part of the culture here. We used to leave a six-pack of beer for the garbo but nobody even does that now.

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I would say yes, rather be kind than nasty, and besides, I believe what you sow you shall reap, so even if the paper lands in the snow, you can at least sow something good, and might find your paper neatly placed instead of thrown next time.

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