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If you had the amount of money required, which car would you buy?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) February 16th, 2015

Brand? Why?

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A refurbished vintage red convertible VW bug. I would get this, because I think they are cool.

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A dodge challenger. Because I don’t drive anyways, and I think it’s pretty.

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Oh god so many choices, I would like a showroom model of my current car but sky the limit, probably that full electric Mercedes (bright yellow one). There’s also that 6×6 they make though which would be awesome. Also the Marauder that they featured on top gear.

Fuck it I’ll just go for a tank.

I’d most likely go with the new camaro though, or a rally fighter since they would be more practical, but if I had room for a charging station and stuff the Mercedes.

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Infiniti G37.

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I don’t like cars ,but I would go for a Dodge cummins diesel 4X4

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Tesla, hands down

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I think I’d have to go with an Astin Martin DB9. I like this red one but maybe silver.

Or for sheer fun, perhaps one of these.

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Lotise Elise, I sat in one once, and it wasn’t comfortable at all, so I wouldn’t buy it for the comfortability factor, just because I really love the look of the car.

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Nice choice. ^

Man I remember from a ford racing game, I think it was FR3 but I can’t recall and can’t find my old disc :( but I think there was a lotus car with a full glass roof, it was pretty cool.

There was also an off road one with an awesome jeep and beach/winter tracks I loved.

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The R8 is my dream car.

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Helps if you can type. AstON Martin DB9.

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Aston Martin if I was spending silly money with no thought. I can buy one, if I spend way too much money on a car and I don’t, I leased myself a Honda Accord instead. I like the Maserati too, but I’d be nervous it might break down a lot. It’s supposed to be better now.

My husband is the car lover, Porsches are his thing. He spends enough in cars for the two of us, so I’m glad I don’t care and don’t want a very expensive car. I’m fine just driving his choice and never getting my fantasy car. I’d rather have a vacation condo somewhere.

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Panoz GTR-1 for the street. They will custom make one for you at their Georgia shop. This what one looks like.

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What do you mean, if?;-}
I want me a helicopter, very muchly.

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I with the Tesla crowd.

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That new supercharged Dodge Challenger sounds interesting. 707 horsepower, where do I sign up for life insurance?

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One of These but purchase would only be part of the cost. Keeping it fueled would also be high.

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I’d use that money to help afford to live someplace nice where I don’t want to drive because it’s so nice to just walk everyplace I want to go.

The car I liked driving most was my e30 BWM 325, before it started to fall apart and not work right. They should re-make those with manual transmissions and no built-in obsolescence (i.e. parts that die).

The car I like the aesthetic of most might be the Aston Martin DB5… preferably also with reliable/new parts, and best with the 00 accessories and immunity from traffic law enforcement.

But if I don’t get the money, no fantasy car, but can pick any, I’d probably try an electric. Not sure which, as I’m not in the marked and haven’t studied them.

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Tesla. I want to encourage the technology. Plus it would be such an amusing contrast with my tumbledown house on the beach.

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I don’t need a car and I wouldn’t get one.

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@flutherother Why not get the car and sell it?

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@XOIIO Then I’d be back to having the money, only less of it.

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sell it for a higher price, then.

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Unlikely, there are better investments.

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The same Nissan truck I have right now. It’s pretty enough and consistently puts out.

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66 Dodge Charger or 67 Chevy Impala. I know nothing about cars but I think classic cars are pretty, and these two in particular are from one of my favourite movies and one of my favourite TV shows respectively.

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I would buy a Mercedes-Benz. It has sophistication, power, their value holds. Every Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz now comes with industry-leading coverage: an unlimited-mileage warranty for one year that can be extended for up to two additional years. So you know they keep their value!
Oh Lord, wantcha buy me, a Mercedes-Benz?

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