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Would you watch an execution on pay-per-view?

Asked by Tachys (1531points) May 4th, 2015 from iPhone

Would you watch an execution on pay-per-view? In the movie True Grit (the original) a whole town gathered to watch a hanging. It was a very carnivallike atmosphere. It seemed to be the town’s responsibility to watch. Why not have executions be pay-per-view with the money going toward something positive? Like the charity of the victims choice? Would you pay?

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Absolutely not.

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Not just True Grit. In the Eastwood film Hang ‘Em High, there were street parties around the hangings. And various others movies as well.

Watching punishments goes back to ancient times – think of the Romans and the lions in the various arenas that ate slaves. Or for that matter, right now in Saudi Arabia, cutting a prisoner’s hand off is often a public spectacle.

Would I want to see them? No. But then, I don’t watch boxing or W3 wrestling or anything like that. That happens to be my personal taste.

I don’t see why the money should go to a charity.

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Watching someone die slowly with a morbidly interested feeling? No way!

Paying money for a person’s corpse? Double “no way”!

Well sure, the victim may be guilty of some unforgivable crime, but seeing a person die with joy won’t help. It’s just like we are no better than the one we kill.

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No, barbaric, archaic and immoral to get off on someones death regardless of their crimes.

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No, I would not participate in any murder in my name.

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Not even if I was paid to do so.

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No,thank you.

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I would not watch one if it were free, then again, I am not one of those screaming for the blood of another. Just another case where people allow their feeling to try and be moral hijack the logic. As expensive as Capital Punishment cases are, and the length it talks to finally execute someone, pay-per-view event is a logic revenue recovery vehicle, there might be monies left over for those deemed as victims. People always talk about fry the pedophilic murder but no one has the spine to watch the end of what the justice they are crying for. If you are for Capital Punishment, you should have the spine to watch it.

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Uh NO!!! I would not,and I sure as hell wouldn’t pay to watch.

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Sort of like the running man with Arnold Schwarzenegger? .. no thanks .

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Nah, but i’d pay top dollar to see Putin & Obama naked wrestle each other, both greased up to the eyeballs with pig fat, winner takes balls…literally.

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Pay to watch an execution? Utterly ghoulish.

If, on the other hand, executions were broadcast live on the evening news, with cameras inside the death chamber, then the public support of capital punishment might disappear almost overnight, particularly if some state were to fire up old sparky for a change.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Is that the same thing as “If you are a meat eater you should have the spine to watch them get butchered”?

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@Hypocrisy_Central – your statement “you should have the spine..” is logically unsupported. Why? That’s your opinion, but it follows no logic.

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No, it’s nothing I want to see. But @sahID had an excellent idea. If you’re a staunch advocate for the death penalty you should have to watch some executions.

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I am not a monster.

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No thanks, I live in the 21st century and actually care about humanity’s progress.

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I don’t watch PPV boxing or MMA bouts so probably not.

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@anniereborn Is that the same thing as “If you are a meat eater you should have the spine to watch them get butchered”?
Nope, not the same. I can almost bet, you will ask me why or have a comment on that as well.

@elbanditoroso [… your statement “you should have the spine..” is logically unsupported. Why? That’s your opinion, but it follows no logic.
It is logically sound, would one support and vote for a tax they did not want to pay, or a law they did not feel they wanted to follow or felt was fair? If you feel Capital Punishment should be here, then you should support it paying for itself, and you should view at least one so you can see what your support goes to and that they actually do complete some. I guess one can see it as less of a killing when they don’t have to see the actual life ebb from someone’s body.

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Ugh, no. I remember when they hung Saddam, it played on TV. Maybe not here, but I know it leaked on YouTube. Didn’t want to see it even for free. Bunch of people cheering and whooping it up at someone’s death, so ghoulish, as already said. Even if they’re some complete murdering jackass, enjoying someone’s death probably doesn’t make one much better than the murderer. Well perhaps not to that degree, as the viewer did not kill the person, but enjoying it is disturbing enough.

I’ll stick to horror movies where it’s all cheesy and fake, thanks.

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No. I’d rather focus on positive things.

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I would watch it but I wouldn’t pay for it. I’d find a way to get myself invited to an execution party and maybe bring a covered dish.

oooh there’s a question. what covered dish do you bring to an execution viewing party?

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No, because I do not believe the state should be in the killing business.

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Maybe if it was oil executives and baby seal clubbers being executed by rabid polar bears.

Or wildlife poachers and ivory collectors being executed by angry lions.

But probably not really even then. I just think they deserve it.

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Sounds like a fantastic idea. Maybe the telecom companies carrying the pay-per-views can lobby the various states to make more offenses punishable by death and to speed up the process so they can carry more events and make even more profit. And, of course, the private prisons hosting the executions will want a cut of the revenues as well.

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@Blondesjon You have to take a six pack of some killer ale. Or in Colorado, some killer weed.

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