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What would you think of this?

Asked by Coloma (47105points) May 20th, 2015

We were trailering out the horses for a trail ride the other day and had them suited up in their fly sheets, neck guards and masks as well.

Tis the season, and being show horses as well we keep them immaculately groomed and covered much of the time not only for flies but for keeping their coats slick and show ready.
A person at the trail head where we were unloading made a crack about “KKK horses” due to their blanketing and face masks. How would you have reacted to this comment? Clearly they were horse ignorant but felt quite offensive.

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I probably would have laughed.
I’m not the most PC person though.

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@fluthernutter True, it was rather offbeat humorous but I was still taken aback. haha

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I laughed too. I would have said hello and walked by to finish whatever I was doing.

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I would have laughed at the KKK joke. Probably would have made the joke first.

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Well, they do resemble KKK horses but I was just kinda shocked too.
I didn’t have a snappy comeback handy, like ” Oh yeah, we’re burning a barn tonight.” haha

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In my country they sell a brand of card packages that is called “KKK”. I would just think the horse loves to play cards ~

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I would only be angry that I didn’t think of the joke first. It is pretty good.

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@Mimishu1995 haha
@johnpowell I’m shifting towards the humor, it was just kind of shocking in the moment. Now we are joking about the “KKK” masks here.

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It depends on how they said it. Context is everything. If they were just trying to make an innocent joke I would laugh, but if they were like “oh my god, look guys that lady is a racist and even has racist horses whoa lady whats your problem! hurr hurr” then I would tell them to grow up.

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@Blackberry yeah, it was kinda just off the cuff, I didnlt really have the time to discern context, it seemed rather odd to make such a remark. I dunno..I was just kinda stunned.WTF!

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Is this the kind of headwear they were sporting? With that gown the KKK joke is fantastic. It is joke, I doubt the horse was all, “Look at that Clydesdale, go back to Scotland you job stealing twat.” Pretty sure that horses aren’t really racist.

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@johnpowell Haha, yes, they had on their masks too, neck and body sheets.
The more I think about it it was kind if funny just so unexpected and off the wall. lol

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Horses in the hood. lol

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I would have thought it was funny. I’m not sure why a snappy comeback would have been needed as it was a joke and not meant to insult you or your horse. They were not implying that your horses or you are involved with the KKK, but that the gear made them resemble a KKK horse.

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