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Have you ever eaten something that sounded icky, but then ended up liking it after all?

Asked by Kardamom (31411points) May 24th, 2015

Before anyone decides to go all NSFW, please stop here and ask another question, this is about actual food, not sexual or bathroom stuff. Thanks in advance : )

Sometimes you’ll read about some type of food that’s supposed to be a delicacy, or maybe one of your friends is from another country where a certain type of food is consumed and enjoyed, even though it sounds potentially disgusting. Maybe you saw something on the Food Network and were curious.

What foods have you tried that you initially thought were going to be icky, but turned out being either at least palatable, or even downright delicious?

Under what circumstances did you end up trying this food? Were you curious and adventurous? Were you trying to be polite? Were you tricked into tasting it? Were you drunk?

For me, the weirdest thing I ever tasted, that I thought was going to be icky, is Huitlacoche, otherwise known as corn smut or corn fungus. It looks kind of dark brown and poop-like, but it has a wonderful earthy, nutty, beefy, mushroomy kind of flavor. I’ve had it twice now, and both times the huitlacoche was served grilled, inside of a tortilla (at two different restaurants) and both times it was delicious.

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Salsa verde.

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The pupu platter.

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Sushi. I was at a party with some friends at a Japanese restaurant. The idea of eating a piece of raw fish seemed disgusting at first, but everyone was enjoying it so I thought I would just eat once just to please tgem. Turn out raw fish was much more delicious tgan I thought. I ended up eating the most.

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@JLeslie That’s funny that you would think that salsa verde would sound or look disgusting. I always thought it looked Beautiful

@talljasperman Well played, Sir : P

@Mimishu1995 I too have always been a little horrified of the idea of eating raw fish, but sushi actually looks kind of pretty the way they present it. I’ve never eaten any of the raw fish variety, only because I’m a vegetarian, but I’ve heard that it is delicious. Thankfully they have recipes for Vegetarian Sushi

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I don’t like tomatoes and it was always presented to me as a green tomato salsa. I finally tried it and it was ok. Then my MIL made it fresh one day, no cilantro for me, and I loved it! Especially yummy with chicken taquitos. Not the taquitos you buy in the freezer. The real deal. Simple shredded chicken rolled in a corn tortilla and fried.

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SERE training
Tastes like rattlesnake, which tastes like chicken

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I never thought I’d like fish eggs, but caviar is pretty good.

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Tuna stuffed pickled jalpenos and another pasta salad with tuna, sweet pickles and cheddar cheese. Both sounded disgusting but were delicious! A funky curry dish that looked horrible but tasted amazing.

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@JLeslie There’s also different kinds of salsa verde. There’s the kind made with mild green chilies, like Anaheim or Hatch chilies, then there’s tomatillo salsa (tomatillos are a different plant than green tomatoes), and then there’s hot green chile salsa that usually has green jalapeƱos or serrano chilies and cilantro.

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Brown cheese. Sushi. gravlaks, rakfisk. All eaten out of desperation in Norway to have a decent dinner because nothing else was offered and ended up liking it all to some extent.

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Escargot (snails).

I eat sushi and fish eggs but I didn’t expect those to be icky.

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