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What three emotions hinder and sabotage men the most?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) June 1st, 2015

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Jealousy, hatred, anger.

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Greed, pride, and fear.

Though the latter two can have a positive effect in the right context.

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Pride, greed, lust.

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Anger, insecurity, lust.

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Oh. you said emotions…hmm..


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I am going with @kritiper on this one.

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Is horny an emotion?

The others I would name are pride (is that an emotion?) anger, and emotional hurt.

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Insensitivity, Indifference, Indecisiveness

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Kindness. The only one.

When men are too nice, women come to expect it from them. That puts the relationship on a rocky road. If women expect niceness, they will want more of it, and men will cease to be the dominating, feral, animalistic leaders that hundreds of millions of years of anthropological history and evolution has produced.

Nice men lead to a weak society. Russia may not be the best led country in the world, but Putin is a nasty man and his country shows a spine.

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jealousy, envy, anger

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The real answers of course are:
Empathy, generosity, honesty.
It is all well and good to list attributes that make one a bad person, but the fact remains that almost all of those in the highest positions of power and wealth are selfish, greedy, uncaring, lying shitbags, and success in human society is measured in power and money.

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@ragingloli – basically you agree with what I wrote.

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Guilt, fear and hate.

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Huey, Dewey & Louie.

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Fear, Jealousy and inadequacy. Usually keep good ideas on the launch pad never to take off or mess things up when one of them keep you from committing completely to an action.

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Entitlement, lazy Ness, hope.

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Lust, anger, ego

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wait a sec. At what point does an emotion become a vice? The 2 words clearly aren’t interchangeable.

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@stanleybmanly They are indeed not interchangeable. I don’t think that all vices are emotions (some are simply character traits), and certainly not all emotions are vices, even if they do qualify as ones that “hinder and sabotage men”.

I don’t think it matters whether people answer with emotions that can also be vices. But I find it interesting that many people’s answers are not emotions at all – like laziness and kindness.

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Fear. Fear. Fear.

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We have:
• Anger = 4
• Hate = 2
• Fear = 3
• Lust = 3 (adding one for horniness)
• Greed = 2
• Ego/pride = 4

Those seem to be the top emotions etc. on the leaderboard. It would seem we have a horde of angry, fearful, lusty, egotistical men, makes one wonder why, (if what is said has any credence to it)?

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@Hypocrisy_Central “It would seem we have a horde of angry, fearful, lusty, egotistical men”

Only if most men fail (are “hindered and sabotaged”). I wouldn’t assume that’s true.

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@dappled_leaves Only if most men fail (are “hindered and sabotaged”). I wouldn’t assume that’s true.
Would you say if a man is not limited, hindered, or otherwise by those emotions, but is successful; then it is good for him to have them, more than not to? In other words, if you have an egotistical, angry man who is exceedingly greedy but he has it all together or at least under control it is good?

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@Hypocrisy_Central What I really meant was that we don’t necessarily have a horde of such people. Those emotions can lead to self sabotage, but do most people out there engage in self sabotage? If not, then there’s no reason to think that these emotions are exceedingly common.

As I said earlier, I think some good can also come of emotions that can have negative consequences, depending on the context. I listed fear as one of the “downfall” emotions, but of course fear can also keep people safe in certain contexts.

There are some emotions that I don’t believe lead to any good. Greed is one of those. I wouldn’t call ego an emotion, but pride is. Pride can be good – for example, taking pride in one’s work can lead to doing a better job. And anger is sometimes very appropriate – anger at injustice, for example.

But when you describe someone as an “egotistical, angry man who is exceedingly greedy”, it sounds like the emotions are not being used in a healthy or useful context, though.

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Anger far and above everything else. The stress from anger can eventually kill you. Anger can result in an impulsive action that you will later regret. Anger is the cause of the useless idea of revenge and in the worst case can lead to an endless cycle of vengeful acts. You do not need anger to respond to a problem.

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