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What cartoon or fictional character would you date?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) July 18th, 2015

Any from anime to cartoon strip to television. Did or do you have a crush?

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Sweets from Bones or maybe Howard from The Big Bang Theory
saw this on my question thought I ought to answer

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Probably Hermione from Harry Potter

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Jessica Rabbit.

She’s not bad… she’s just drawn that way..

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@LuckyGuy I would play patty cake with her.

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Dale Cooper.

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@talljasperman And she’s over 21!

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I wanna date Sucy from Little Witch Academia. She’s the girl in my icon. I love her.

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I used to think I wanted Indiana Jones/James Bond, but then, I married him and it was very bad. He left all the time at a moments notice and was more interested in going places and his hobbies than he was in me and the kids. He was also a horrible provider because he never dealt with domestic things. I think I’ve worked out that dating isn’t for me. Being with people, not for me, so much.

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Disney’s animated Tarzan.
Remember the show Chuck, with the geek squad? Chuck.
Remember the Beatles had a Saturday morning cartoon? Pick any Beatle.
Captain Jack Sparrow, duh. (but if not fictional character, then Johnny Depp.)

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I’m so greedy.

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Daisy Mae of the Li’l Abner comic strip. When i was a young boy I hoped to find a girlfriend like her, I grew out of Blondes.

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If Phillip Marlowe appeared before me, I’d go without hestiation.

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Mikaze Honjo from Stratos 4. Dig that teal colored hair AND pony tails!

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Had this question before & my answer will always be the same, Daphne Blake definitely fucks on a first date, so you can bet she’s getting banged five ways from sunday.

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Second choice, Pinocchio, i’d sit on his face & make him tell a lie #analintrusion #tryanythingonce

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@ucme Beware of slivers.

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@talljasperman I have a tight arse #pencilsharpener

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Bugs Bunny, in drag.

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