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What foods in your country have the name of another country?

Asked by JLeslie (59783points) July 21st, 2015 from iPhone

In America we have French toast, French fries, French dip, Belgium waffles, Danish for a type of pastry, Swiss cheese, Mongolian beef, Spanish rice, German chocolate cake, and Black Forest cake if we want to count a place that isn’t a country name. Actually, if we extend it to cities and places the list gets very long. London broil, Neapolitan ice cream, chicken Kiev, and on and on. I don’t know if people in those countries even know Americans use those terms, or if the same name is used in the home country? Or, is the name we use in America used by other countries?

I’m really curious to know if other countries name foods after America or American cities that possibly we Americans aren’t even aware of.

Feel free to elibaorate on the topic.

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Southern Fried Chicken (assuming that the Northern US is different from the Confederate States of America)

Denver Omelette

Alaskan King Crab

Hawaiian Punch

Chile Sea Bass

Idaho Potatoes

Canadian Bacon

Chicken Kiev

Greek Yogurt

Italian Ice

Neapolitan ice cream

London Broil

Nova Scotia Lox

I could go on…

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Baked Alaska


Boston Cream Pie

Texas Toast

Buffalo Wings

Ipswich Clams

Long Island Iced Tea

Coney Island Hot Dog

Charleston Chew

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Well, when we clear our plates it is considered we, ‘Finnish’.
If you eat too fast, you are ‘Russian’
If you have bones in the fish you are eating you much ‘Czech’ so that you don’t choke on them.
If you deep fry any thing you have excess ‘Greece’ unless you drain it well.
If something is too hot too eat it probably has too much ‘Chile’
When we have special guests over for food we take out our special ‘China’

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No English Muffins yet?

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Boston Baked Beans

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Welsh Rarebit
Scotch Egg
Irish Stew
French Fries
Arctic Roll

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English cut fries.

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@ucme French fries? I thouht you guys called em chips in England? (and Scotland and Ireland)

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Haha @Symbeline we do, but I remeber being served French Fries from the school menu, musta thought it sounded posher than chips :D

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We call them pommes frites.

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@ragingloli , what was that on you link? Like an English Muffin with cream cheese??

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@ragingloli Yes what is it it looks tasty.

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Spanish rice.

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