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What irritates you the most and why?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) July 20th, 2008

What makes your blood just boil, and just makes you tingle all over with annoyment?

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Slow drivers in the left lane on a highway.

Inconsiderate people who block pathways for waitresses. I mention this because it just happened to Jenn and I on Friday. A family stood at the bar and completely blocked the path of the waitresses. The wait staff had to ask them to move at least a dozen times and then they just flowed right back into their old spots, once again blocking the pathway. grrrrrrrrrr

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Teenage moms who do not take care of their children and just hand them off to the grandparents.

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Microsoft products

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Oops, forgot the “why”

I can’t begin to count the maddening hours I’ve spent over many years trying to figure out why the hell Windows or any number of other MS products isn’t doing what it ought to be doing. Incredibly unintuitive user interfaces and useless help menus compound the madness.

I’m pretty good at tolerating obnoxious human behavior, but I don’t like taking guff from my computer.

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well,some of the questions on fluther (not this one mind you), some customers, like the ones that go into discussion with me about why they think microsoft is better, my aunt, who thinks she knows better than me about how to run our home network…

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When someone tells me something over and over and over and over again as if I didn’t understand it the first time. If I didn’t get it, I’d ask them to clarify. If I don’t ask, then a) I got it the first time or b) I just don’t care.
Also, kind of along the same lines, when someone asks me to do something and then two seconds later asks me if it’s done. You told me to do it, I told you I would. Quit asking if/when it’s done, I’ll do it when I do it.

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People who assume their time is more valuable than that of the rest of the world.

For example, rude drivers that zip in and out of traffic to get one car length ahead.

People who talk on cell phones while transacting business in a store.

People who talk on cell phones while having a meal with someone.

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the majority of people

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Spitting and bad grammar.

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i <3 evry1. nthng bthrs m. KTHNKSLTRBY!!

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Non stop nagging over the same subject or discussion or repeats.

Driving and cellphone use.

Bad drivers, cutting off, no signals, bad ettiquette.

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Graffiti advocates.

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When I’m saying something and then the person I am talking to just says “NO” and begins to talk over me and my opinions.

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People who aren’t compassionate.
People who are rude and discourteous.
People who are mean.

and graffitti advocates. grrr.

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@KmD Lurve for the use of Pettifoggers.

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People who try and force their religion upon others.

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a) Ignorance. Now no one can know everything but if you don’t know about a particular topic, don’t pretend that you do know, be humble, admit you have no idea and ask for explanation.
b) What Sueanne said about people driving slow in the left lane…nothing makes my blood boil more sadly.
c) People who insist on trying to convert you to their religion or people who insist on talking about their religion/God all the time even when you didn’t ask (note: this is different from two people happily discussing different religions to learn more about them and learn more about different cultures)
okay, deep breathing now

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My own inadequacies and limitations.

(based on my belief that anyone can achieve anything….so its really annoying when that doesn’t hold true for me)

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People complaining about things they have no intention of even trying to do anything about.


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People standing in doorway or the middle of a staircase.
One person letting a whole team down. This kind of thing absolutely makes my blood boil and I just couldn’t believe it when the rest of the crew were getting hammered for being angry at her for ruining their dreams. Most of that crew don’t row anymore because they lost their motivation after that event. IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY!

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Oh and customers.

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Mediocre people, all of them, and frugal people, unmannered people, mmm… rude people…

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People who constantly sabotage their lives, and then come to you for advice

Motorcyclists who do wheelies while driving near my car

People who spoil a trip by complaining before leaving for it, or ruining it for everyone else by being reticent and moody

*People who complain about what everyone else’s decisions, but these same people never are willing to participate in the decision making themselves, because it’s easier to judge then to take action

People who buy fancy things and then don’t take care of them, including pedigree animals, furniture, cars, appliances…and then complain that they spent all that money for crap…

racist, homophobic, sexist or antisemitic comments that you KNOW the person meant, and then they look at you with that deer in the headlights expression and say they were joking – I’d like to spit in their eye

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Oh I thought of one more sorry, people who ask for your opinion on something or ask you what you think or ask for advice on what they should do, then proceed to argue with you or tell you that you are wrong even though they asked you in the first place.

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useless things

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The most thing which irritates me is the person telling lies and showing off.

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