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Can I save money , and stress, by buying military rations?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) August 8th, 2015

That are available to Canadians? Also where do I buy them? If not, than how can I buy pre-made low cost foods?

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Yes. And you can save a fortune in grocery bills through the thrifty remedy of enlisting in any branch of the Canadian armed forces.

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@stanleybmanly I applied two years ago they said not yet. What field would I Excell at? I tried to be a cook. I like cooking meat.

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Not really. Military rations aren’t that cheap (at least not when sold on the civilian market, government might get better rates) and, if my friend who’s a career Army man is to be believed, kinda taste like ass.

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These cost like one dollar at our stores in the US.

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On the other hand the MREs have got to taste better than anything Banquet makes.

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@anniereborn I love it but I live in Canada.

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@stanleybmanly I would have to pass a physical. I’m being tested for Marfan syndrome syndrome so it might be a no for now.

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Here’s some info about Canadian IMP (Individual Meal Pack).

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Physical/mental considerations aside at this point you’re probably too old for enlistment anyway. I don’t know what Canada’s standard is, but in the US military I believe the cut off age for new recruits is 35. Canada’s might be similar.

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No they’re gross. For field use only .

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Stress? I’m not getting this? Could you please elaborate about why you are subject to such stress that pre made meals are going to alleviate it?

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@Buttonstc Going out side is stressful.

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It’ll cost you a fortune in medical bills. MRE’s aren’t too bad tasting these days.. but they are still absolute terrors on your digestive system.

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MRE’s are garbage. I consider this to be survival food. They have little nutrition but a lot of calories. This is something you eat once a day to survive. They should not be considered for regular consumption. Even dehydrated food I take backpacking is not fit for regular consumption. A simple as a three day hike I’ll supplement this stuff with something like this just to keep my body in balance.

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Pretty much what @ARE_you_kidding_me said. MREs are meant to be packed by soldiers out in the field, where they won’t necessarily have access to real, nutritious food. They’re meant to provide calories to keep soldiers going rather than keeling over from hunger.

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There’s a lot of food that lasts a long time so you can cut down on shopping trips, and that isn’t very expensive. Oats, lentils, rice, pasta, canned and jarred food, peanut butter, other dried grains…

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@talljasperman I’m not sure what groceries cost in Canada, but I’ve learned all sorts of tricks here in Norway. Have you looked at buying a crock pot? You can buy really cheap cuts of meat and cook them slowly in a stew and they turn out beautifully. Same with chicken pieces. My mother used to make this delicious potatoes au gratin with big chunks of ham. If you need help with ideas, let me know. You know my step son is autistic, right? I’ve helped him develop meal plans so he can look after himself on his own when his mother leaves town. Things as easy as a nice packet of dried soup, pimped up with extra beans or left over chicken can make are fast, cheap, nutritious meal.

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