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Apparently Joe Biden is considering entering the Presidential race. Would you vote for him?

Asked by Buttonstc (27597points) September 1st, 2015 from iPhone

With Hilary’s poll numbers sinking, he is looking more favorably at running.

His occasional little verbal gaffes aside, wouldn’t his experience level put him at the top of the pack?

What’s your take on it.

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In the primaries? No. In the general election? Yes.

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He has a lot of ramping up to do, and the momentum appears to be with Sanders who keeps setting records in drawing crowds as well as donations. Yeah I’d vote for him if it came down to a toss up of the 2 “usual suspects”. Biden is unusual for a career politician in that even the Republicans concede that he is a decent man and sleaze free.

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If this investigation into Hillary’s email turns out that she did nothing wrong I would likely vote for her. However, I will give them both a fair chance and listen to what they would like to do in office. My biggest issues are healthcare (doing something about the opaque fees and double dipping in the system) international issues, a look at poverty, including wages, and lastly education.

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@JLeslie It already has been proven beyond a doubt that Hillary has broken the law many times over….the bigger issue is just how many times or how many laws can she officially break before those of her party say enough is enough and finally indict one of their own which will never happen. Obviously lesser people in her own party were convicted of the same very crimes she has committed and sent to jail but people in her position and stature are above the law and it seems the masses have finally had enough of this nonsense. And IMO if voters of either party somehow think Biden is a viable substitution for President in wake of Hillary’s crimes we are truly a nation in trouble. If it came down to an either or choice…I for one would much rather have a corrupt criminal like Hillary as commander in chief than a buffoon like Biden at the helm.

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Nope. Bernie all the way.

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I could easily vote for Biden. Experienced, well known in DC (I occasionally consult in DC) as a guy who is good at working both sides of the aisle. Generally regarded as honest (as a politician can be). I can’t understand why he is not the D candidate.

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Too early to say. I’m not against it, but I want the person most likely to win.

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I would consider it but not sure how the game will play out yet.

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Yes—and I respectfully disagree with @JLeslie‘s opinion that he’s a “buffoon.” He’s a seasoned and highly experienced That said, I don’t think he’s going to run, and I have serious doubts that Hillary will make it to the Primary.

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In the general, but not in the primary, probably.
His only chance to win is if Obama dies in office, and the nomination is not locked before the convention.

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@Pachy Wrong jelly.

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Poll: Joe Biden described as ‘idiot’ and ‘buffoon’ Pew research provides the evidence…. “Many of the negative words disparage Biden’s competence and performance, with idiot, incompetent and clown among the terms used most frequently.”

More people than not including many Dems feel the same way I do….just saying.

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Oh yes, @JLeslie. I now see the “buffoon” remark came from @Cruiser. My apology.

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Yeah, @Cruiser, polls these days are really trustworthy.

Just sayin’.

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@Pachy Granted the poll is from 2012 but Pew Research is general solid in it’s research. And IMHO Biden has done little to nothing to raise the level of his personal “Presidential material” stock for me. That said…far be it for me to try and convince you about Joe….I will let him do it himself

I love it how he says Hillary is a better choice than him and when introducing a man in a wheelchair he asks him to stand up to be recognized! LOL!

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@Cruiser “Idiot” and “buffoon” are also often commonly used to describe the current GOP leader.

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@filmfann Understood…at least I provided 2 links to support my comment…your comment stands as a naked assertion.

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MOST VERY “at least,” @Cruiser.

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Here are several links .
Come on, did you think that would be difficult?

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