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How well would you get along with jellies in the real world?

Asked by Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_One (3901points) September 2nd, 2015

I’ve been reflecting on my short time here at Fluther and I got to thinking (beware of smoke).

I thought:
“I bet I would get along pretty well with 90% of the people here.. even the ones I disagree with a lot. It’s a great bunch of people.. we might even have fun disagreeing over a coffee, beer, wine or shot…. or even a bottle of water.”

How well do you think you’d get along with the other people here in this little community?

And just to throw in a twist; so that this isn’t somehow discovered to be a duplicate question later on: What would happen if this little community was all that remained? What type of society would we be? Would we be a typical American Democracy? An anarchy? What would happen if we discovered that we were the only ones left?

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Most people who know me tell me I am a likable and easy to get along with guy.
Most of my social interactions are satisfactory
So I figure it must be true.
I think I would get along with just about everybody on Fluther out in the real world.
Unless some of them were as insulting and condescending as they are on this site.
But I suspect they would probably tone it down if they were face to face with me. For a lot of reasons.

Not a typical American Democracy since America is a republic with democratically elected representation. So probably a direct democracy, since the active Fluther population is so small.

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Well, I’ve already summarily banned everyone who rubbed me the wrong way, so yeah, I’m cool with rest of you~

Oh, and a real-life Fluther community would be a totalitarian distopia ruled by a cabal of moderator overlords. Duh.

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@thorninmud haha

I think I would get along with the majority, I am a very easy to get along with personality. I think avoiding the hot issues like religion, politics and other hot topics would probably be the smart thing to do, although I consider myself to be open minded but usually best to not lock horns over these issues. Really, from a purely social aspect I think most of us would blend quite well.

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I have no interest in meeting anyone, and/or finding out.

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The few I have met in real life have been wonderful people. Even better than I thought they would be.
I’ve talked to a few on the phone and they were just as nice as I thought they would be.
There has been talk throughout the years of a fluther meet up, but it has never happened.
I honestly think it would be fun to meet everyone on here, even the ones I don’t agree with. Maybe in person they can explain their thought process better to me.
I think most everyone would get along well.

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@thorninmud LOL!

I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t know.

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We would get along swimmingly! pun intended

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I think we all would be able to find some things to talk about and get along. Just so we avoid certain hot-button topics.

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Haha.. I like your thinly veiled comment about how threatening you are in person.

Wow, that bad huh? Who would be the supreme new world dictator in this land?

Ahhh but avoiding those topics would take all the fun out of it. Do you think we would be as crass and opinionated in real life?

Fair enough. I’m not exactly pushing for a meetup.. though I’m not opposed to it either.

Ah c’mon. We would get along. Just so long as we remove weapons at the door.

I think a meetup would actually do wonders to increase the population here. Suppose we all showed up with jelly shirts. Well… @elbanditoroso can show up in a regular shirt and laugh at us.. knowing who we are.. but staying in the shadows.

Obligatory rim tap.

Hot button topics are fun though. What would happen? Would we get in a knife fight?

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Nah. Probably no knives nor fisticuffs. And probably would be very surprising in many ways. Some people are real tigers when fairly anonymous, and completely the opposite in person and of course vice-versa.

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@Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_One I’m all about humor, in real life my idea of a good time is witty banter, discussing interesting science stuff, nature, tipping back a few cocktails now and then and enjoying some laughter. I would be the resident stand up comic, I love to entertain with good food, good drink and good humor. Really, the rest is just blowing hot air anyway, I have no interest in trying to solve the worlds problems, so my jelly role would be one of hospitality and humor and showing everyone around the ranch here and maybe renting a limo to go wine tasting.

I’ll be the hostess with the mostess, good food and good cheer, the rest of you can get your pants in a crinkle over all the serious stuff and I’ll just watch and throw out witty one liners to manage the heatwave. lol

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@Cruiser Will bring his geetar for some tunes on the porch! :-D

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I believe I would jam well in real life with most jellies and work hard to preserve the friendship…aspic the truth.

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Well, I imagine that if we had a Jelly-Get-Together, we’d all be armed with books, which we would then throw at each other and yell, “Look it up! Prove it!” Then we would drink beer and eat pancakes. That just sounds gross, doesn’t it!

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I’d get along with most people. I’m pretty shy in real life though, and even if I speak with you guys on here regularly, I might still be shy if we met. This, unfortunately, makes me seem unfriendly or even rude to most strangers. But if I knew there was a meeting and shit, it could be different. I have no middle, either. Once I get un-shy, I don’t ever shut the fuck up.
I get along with just about everyone, even if we disagree on stuff. Arguing and belittling others based on tastes and opinions seems purely an internet thing, in my experience. Most times, anyways.

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Pretty well. I’m not the same away from the computer. People tell me I’m very social and charismatic lol.

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I’ve met about 6 Jellies plus known the two Founders and I’ve gotten along well with all of them and enjoyed the meet-ups.

As for our society, I think it is clear that @thorninmud would be the Grand Poobah and all discipline would be administered by him (now that Auggie and her whip are gone.)

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^ Mod news: The penguin is @thorninmud‘s alter-ego. ~

I’d be shy at first, but eventually, I’d get along well with most jellies. I second @thorninmud‘s suggestion of moderator overlords, and I want a crown. With diamonds.

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I would gladly meet any and all Jellies and I think we’d get along quite well.

About 7 years ago, when Fluther was in its hay day, Jellies used to talk about a Fluther conference. Of course, a time and a location that suits everyone would be almost impossible to come up with, but it was a good thought.

I consider a bunch of Jellies my good friends, even though we’ve never met and may never meet.

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Of course, e-tigers turn into mice in real life a lot. I think it would change everything about how this community operates if people were to meet each other. The misconstruing of text, caps, and punctuation would be replaced by a real person.

That description perfectly matches my own. Perfectly. I even have a couple of guitars.

Haha.. jam.. jellies.. another obligatory rim tap.

I’ve had pancakes with beer in the batter.. they weren’t my favorite. Either way.. with beer/wine/liquor as a social lubricant.. we’d either be fist fighting or best of friends by the end of the day.

I’ve found that shy people have the most to offer in social situations. They are an enigma that is usually a pleasure to investigate. Some of the smartest people I’ve ever met were shy too. They would sit back and just observe. That lifestyle leads to a lot of insight and introspection that lends power to their personality.

I used to be shy but I’ve since shed my shell for the most part… especially if there’s beer.

I find you the same way here too! I have no reason to think otherwise.

What happened with Auggie anyway? I assume you’re talking about “Augustlan” who I’ve seen in some older posts?

Too soon?

With an erased planet we could easily re-instute a crown. Diamonds could be arranged too as I’m sure there would be an unattended jewelery store or two.

The more conferences or meetups that occurred, the more people would attend each time I think. Eventually we could be on the level of fame that reddit or youtube meetups have. It’s a pretty nice thought. Fluther is something I wouldn’t mind seeing succeed on a larger scale.

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Being a Neophyte in this arena, I would find the company a hoot! No dress code please. And those who violently disagree with others on any touchy subject must sit across the room, gymnasium or field (wherever this meeting would take place) and build kites to go fly, plus one for every other person present. BYO….kite tail. Woo-hoo.

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I am occasionally on a site called Cruise Critic and before each cruise they people set up a “Meet and Mingle” for the beginning of the cruise. I have attended several in the past and if they are any indication I will find a quiet table in the back while everyone else is busy mingling and feigning surprise at the folks they have been corresponding with for the past several months, although to be fair some of them are actually as bubbly and outgoing as they have previously indicated. Others of a similar bent to me will slowly find their way back there and, at the most, two other couples will join me and my wife (or us them if they beat us there). We will bond and enjoy each others company for the remainder of the cruise while only nodding courteously to others we recognize from the Meet and Mingle. I see this same scenario playing out in the Fluthersphere; bonding with a small group while on a nodding relationship with the rest.

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I’d have a great time ripping the piss outta the assorted trash that dwell on these pages :D

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My experience with meeting people from forums in person has been that you can’t predict who you will get along with in real life. We are all pretty poor at getting impressions of people through text. Probably would get along just fine with everyone.

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I think I’d get on well with most people here. There are a few I’d avoid sitting next to, but that’s true of any group I’m involved with.

What sort of society would this group make? I think I could live in a community with the people here. The majority appear to be considerate, caring people. There are some outliers, but I think that’s a good thing. We also have some brilliant minds amongst us to help us solve problems we may face.

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I’d probably like most of you even less than I do now.

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I think I’d do fine. I am quite sociable and I try to get on with people. It’s just the others who decide that I’m to be liked or not.

And if we were the only one left, I think we would build an advanced society with amost no idiots left. That society might suffer from lots of disagreement though.

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I’m a notoriously easy meet.
Face-to-face or online.
I love interacting with my fellow humans.
I expect honesty, reason, compassion and practicality in return.

Likely you’d turn from meeting me thinking we weren’t fellows well met.
Likely we aren’t that far off.

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I honestly have no idea. I’m so shy/introverted, I can’t imagine myself easily talking to anyone in a group setting. I function much better when it’s one-on-one. I also have a really hard time making smalltalk and find it much easier to engage with people when what I feel are important topics are being discussed. People find it easy to get along with me and people say I’m nice, but I would only truly open up to a select few, most likely. Though, in general, I think most of the people on this site seem like decent human beings compared to the general population, so maybe opening up would be slightly easier for me? Dunno.

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I think if I showed up I would pretend to be someone you all liked more so I wouldn’t get shunned.

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@DrasticDreamer You can come sit with me and we’ll just watch people.

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I’ll be in the back.

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Hey…I just made peanut butter cookies and have a delicious crock pot of split pea soup and home made croutons for dinner. Supper at 6. What kind of booze goes with split pea soup? lol

Dutchess_III's avatar

Prolly beer. However, I’m going to have to settle for a grilled ham and Swiss and tomato on a yummy French bread because I can’t wait 3 days to eat.

How can painting make one so hungry?

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@Coloma If you have that – who needs booze?

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@Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_One You’re absolutely right, but hey, gotta please the crowd. haha

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apparently you’re the petty one :D

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Not sure,I am not really a people person they tend to annoy the shit out of me in real life,that is why I really like working alone.

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