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Who are the satirists or "satirists" on the republican side?

Asked by flo (12974points) September 29th, 2015

That is, like there’s Jon Stewarts and John Oliver for example, on the democrats side?

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Jay Leno before he quit.

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If you want a conservative humorous viewpoint, consider PJ O’Rourke and Dennis Miller.

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Dennis Miller is the only name I can come up with, but this is a very interesting question, and that embarrassing attempt by FOX to counter Stuart and Colbert fell flat on its face. My own take on the matter is that comics and humorists will make fun of whatever is available, regardless of their own political affiliation. The reason that all the jokes and ridicule is piled onto conservatives and their issues is simply because the jackass factor around those folks is so substantial that the material available is mountainous.

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Although not a Republican nor a Democrat, let’s not omit satirist Mark Russell who targets everyone pretty equally, even Independents.

Although in his 80s and officially retired several years ago from a regular performing schedule, he has been lured back for a few specials by the follies of both conservatives and liberals alike.

He writes all his own material and song parodies and his wit is as sharp as ever.

Check out some of his stuff on YouTube.

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Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Brian Fischer. They just aren’t as bright or as funny.

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Not many, if any.
Because you need a firm grasp on reality to do satire.

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I agree with @zenvelo ref P J O’Rourke.
He’s one of the very few right-wingers I can read because his writing is factual, he makes some very valid points, and he can make fun of right or left without getting puerile.
William F Buckley would toss superb zingers into his serious pieces but he was not, in general, writing satire.

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Thanks all.

A few names I’ve never heard of there. The Rush Limbaughs and the Glen Becks nowhere near comprable to Jon Stewart. P J O’Rourke. H

Who is the other one I’m thinking of who’s similar to P J O’Rourke?

Jay Leno? @talljasperman? A republican?

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…What could he have said to make you think he is a republican?

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@flo I don’t know. He likes his money and cars I don’t see him starting a charity any time soon.

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How about his comedy material? Besides we don’t know if he does charitable things quietly.

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Writers make most of his material so I don’t know.

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So, are you saying Jon Stewart could be a republican, you don’t know, since he has writers too?

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@flo Yes. It could all be an act.

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I agree with @flo here. That’s a big stretch calling Jay Leno a Republican based on his public persona. “We just don’t know” is the sort of thing National Enquirer trots out with outrageous headlines : “Mitch McConnell’s brain could be a transplant from a giraffe! We just don’t_know!!”

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@talljasperman You picked Jay Leno in particular your first post. Point to one thing he said or did that says he’s a republican in even the smallest way.

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@flo I thought that most rich people are Republicans to keep their money from being taxed . I couldn’t find any person who fit the bill I should have said Jay Leno? With the question mark. SORRY. I thought that he spends most of his money on cars and not public charity’s. He could give money to charity’s in private. I was told that republicans want people to work for their money and not charity.

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@flo ooh I have one how about Glenn Beck?

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The problem is that the “funny” ones on the far right are so only unintentionally.

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@talljasperman Think of how many poor people esp. in America are through and through republicans. Plenty. Plenty of rich people are democrats.

Glen Beck is not a satirist is he?

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@talljasperman to continue on my last post:
“Other members of rich clans have stepped into the political fray themselves. Penny Pritkzer, part of the family that owns the Hyatt hotel chain, became President Obama’s Commerce Secretary in June 2013. Mark Dayton, an heir to the Dayton family fortune (his ancestors built the company that became Target TGT +0.03% stores) is a Democrat and the current governor of Minnesota. ....”

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@flo When he was on CNN. He pretended to be Stalin. He was funny to watch.

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@flo I was right 30% Democrats are rich. 56% Republican.

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