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What's going on for Halloween where you are?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32729points) October 30th, 2015

My office is decorated with spider webs, etc. A few people are in costume. We have been trading candy, much to my chagrin (I am limiting my sugar consumption.) I live in a new apartment, and the neighbors tell me we don’t get trick-or-treaters. I’m not wearing a costume at all. (I used to do drag, and I’ve worn enough costumes.)

What’s going on where you are? What are your plans?

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Leading a Halloween hike in a local park with a picnic to follow. People can come in costume; I won’t. It’s not a big holiday for me as an adult. Do get lots of trick or treaters which is fun for a bit but gets tiring.

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Bah, humbug.
My plans are to refrain from any participation in this nonsense and to ignore any and all of those underage extorters.

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I have a few meager decorations out. I am expecting a pretty god turn out of trick or treaters this year. I have a big assortment of candies to hand out. I will have loud, spooky sounds going. I have been lazy about the pumpkins. One still needs to be carved.

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My next door neighbor is having an adults-only party tonight. Hubby and I are dressing up. He’ll be done kind of horror movie monster. I’m going as a porcelain doll.

Tomorrow we’ll take the young one out for mischief night.

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*edit: “some kind of horror movie monster.”

Ian has decided to be a Storm Trooper.

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I’ve started to eat the kids candy already.

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I was invited to a party, but I’m not too interested in going. Have the house decorated for all of the trick or treaters tomorrow, but the wind has picked up so much that all of the spiderwebs and gravestones are getting blown all over. Oh well, maybe that’s even creepier. The shaking head, moving bat and zombie crawling out of the ground are all still intact. The fog machine and strobe lights are ready to go, as are the sounds. :D

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Last night was beggars night here. It also happened to be choir practice night starting about ⅔ of the way through. We had 4 kids and nobody on the block when we left. As is probably the norm for most church choirs we of the back row conspired and had a stack of matching Guy Fawkes masks and we all slipped them on when the director was over fiddling with something. When she looked up she had a good laugh! I couldn’t see her reaction due to a combination of the eyes not lining up with my own due to haste, and lack of glasses. With any luck someone took a picture because it was pretty great according to the wife unit.

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Not much really. I kind of wish I was younger so I could dress up like a hobo or something, and go to the bar and be sexy and silly. But nah. We’ll just hand out candy. DECENT candy!

I do have to brag on the stepmother of one of my grandsons. She made these paper mache (sp) dino heads for my grandson and one of his brothers. From scratch. Without a pattern. We’ve all been watching her progress on facebook, just marveling!

Leave it to my Grandson to want to be a dino no one has ever heard of, indominus rex. I need to write down what kind of dino they are, and stick it to the door so I don’t scream the wrong dino name when they come knockin’. Dinos hate it when you scream the wrong dino name at the wrong time.

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Nothing much. I got invited to do things, but none were appealing. I’m ignoring Halloween this year, it’s never been one of my favourite holidays.

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Just another day.

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It’s one of my favorite holidays, @longgone because I don’t have to do anything but buy candy and squeal at the witches. I don’t have to buy and wrap presents, I don’t have to decorate, I don’t have to cook. Nothing but drink beer, watch TV, answer the door and squeal. :D

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Holloween isn’t celebrated here. Tomorrow, All Saint’s Day, is celebrated by attending High Mass for most people. This is a culturally French island with a lot Spanish colonial influence, therefore with Catholic traditions. For me, tonight and tomorrow will be like any other night and day. I live alone and quite isolated in some hills far from the nearest village. I rarely get visitors, and children making the climb up here at night would be ridiculous. It’s just me, the dogs, the wind in the trees around the house, the howl of a coyote in the distance,,,, That’s interesting. Excuse me. Someone’s at the door…

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I believe the little bastards plan on begging for confectionary & or trousering some coinage.
I may release the hounds on their pleading backsides, shits & giggles & all that.

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Not much. Past the whole costume/candy thing.

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I made a fateful error. I ate a piece of candy, and now I can’t stop.

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Sugar is the devil!

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@Hawaii_Jake yeah – but such a delicious one!

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I think I’m becoming a sugarwolf.

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One of the worst periods of my life is when I realized I had filled a pinata with candy for a kids birthday that never got used…and I remembered it about a month later…...oh man. Weeks and weeks of CANDY!

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Carving pumpkins, decorating, passing out candy, watching baseball, watching scary movies, eating candy, eating pizza and playing with a crazy 12 week old kitty.

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Now I’m mad because there is no candy in the house yet.

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We had so few kids I still have 2 bags of payday (my favorite) bars for me to snack on; having abandoned my dream of a thinner me.

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You know, there is a very particular way in which to eat Paydays, @majorrich.

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I eat the nuts off first. Am I doing it right?

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As I said today on Facebook, the problem with Halloween in San Francisco is you can’t complement people other costume, because they just might dress that way everyday.

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It was on the news. A couple of programs have had a Halloween theme. Other than that, nothing at all.

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I put up the usual modest amount of decoration—some pumpkins, a front-door poster—and will have candy for the trick-or-treaters. The front porch light goes off at 9:00. I like fall decorations but don’t care much for the way Halloween has evolved, so I just give it token attention.

However, we do have a huge, beautiful genuine spiderweb on the front porch and real webs strung across the pumpkins. Much better than the fake kind.

While I was still working, I used to decorate my cubicle, including a large bat that I hung from the ceiling tiles. The day after Halloween I’d be one who’d bring in a bowl of leftover candy.

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@Hawaii_Jake , sugar luuuuuuuvs you. Enjoy the sugar. Cuddle the sugar in your mouth, and nurse on it slowly, savoring its rapturous, exquisitely sinful flavor, and sensuous texture.
Oh, excuse me. Having ten pounds of chocolate, gum, taffy, and so on in the house makes me a little wacko.

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I made a wreath out of stuff I bought at a craft store. It’s got black feathers, Halloween picks, skulls and an eyeball. FB friends, I put a pic up but it looks better in person.

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Dear here,
It makes me wacky.

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Absolutely, @majorrich. Nibble nibble nibble until you have a good chunk of just the caramel showing, then eat that. Then nibble nibble nibble again. Thumbs up.

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@Hawaii_Jake Just FYI, “Sugar high” is a myth.

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Please, don’t be stupid and insist you are absolutely certain you know how I feel. You don’t have a clue what goes on inside me.

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I’m not saying you don’t know how you feel. I’m saying that if you think it’s some sort of “sugar high,” you’re mistaken, because there is no such thing.. You’re feeling the way you’re feeling because of something else.

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When did I write I had a sugar high?

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I know sugar high personally. Whoever started the rumor that it is a myth has less data than I.
However, other things can also cause reactions to foods, including candy. Certain artificial dyes, for instance can make people go a little nuts.

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A wealthy girl is having a girls only party with many girls from several nations. At such past parties, girls wore sexy costumes from Frederick’s of Hollywood, Playboy, Victoria’s Secret, etc.

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