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What is a good mix-in for plain yogurt?

Asked by Seek (34769points) November 18th, 2015

I’m on a pretty powerful antibiotic for the next ten days, and the doctor recommended I eat a serving of yoghurt with probiotics every day, or take a probiotic pill. The pills were on the expensive side, so I’m going the yoghurt route.

Thing is, I don’t care for yoghurt at. all. At least not for the commercially available flavored kind.

I got two 32 ounce tubs of plain nonfat yoghurt with active cultures.

What should I mix with it to make the next ten days or so more tolerable?

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Chopped nuts or seeds like sunflower or pumpkin seeds. If you like berries, they are good with yogurt. For myself, the only way I can eat yogurt is to pour chocolate on it.

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Well, I just managed to choke down my first bowl – mixed in some rolled oats and lemon curd. At least it didn’t taste like a bowl full of congealed sugar…

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I eat vanilla Greek yogurt every day. Store brand usually. I add chopped walnuts to it (maybe two teaspoons full) and usually some kind of fruit (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, a cut up peach). Right now the berry of the week is raspberry.

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Plain is the best for this purpose – especially while taking antibiotics. Yeast and other vaginal infections can thrive off of sugar, and since most flavored yogurt is loaded with the stuff, it’s best to avoid it.

That said, the plain Greek yogurt I get is pretty bitter, so I like adding honey to it sometimes. Sometimes I’ll throw in some blueberries, strawberries or some other kind of berries, as well. If you have a blender, bullet, ninja, etc., I really like using that to puree the fruit. Turns it into a kind of jam without the extra sugar. Adding some nuts also breaks up the consistency of the yogurt which, in large mouthfuls, can get pretty gross.

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I love honey.

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i gt some freeze dried strawberries from Trader Joe’s and crumbled some of them in with some granola. pretty tasty.

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Why not a little dry onion soup or ranch dressing powder and slather it on raw veggies.

No, when life gives you ca-ca, make some caçik.


You get the drift, try savory. The thought of sweets in my cottage cheese makes me queasy, but I tear the stuff up with savory.
If there’s a low-salt or salt free seasoning blend you like, that alone might do it.
Chipotle sauce.
Hell there are so many options you could trick yourself into eating the 5 spoon-fulls a day just as a taste-test.

Lunch, anyone?

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I like thick, plain, Greek, non fat yogurt with Mrs. Butterworth’s light maple syrup poured over it.. A great combination of tart and sweet.

@ibstubro I must try your savory suggestions. Thanks.

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Any of these:

Grape Nuts

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you could also try to choke down some Kefir, eat Kim Chee or find some deli bulk sauerkraut (the stuff in jars may have been heated and killed the microbes

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Over the past few years I’ve developed a real liking for tzatziki. I don’t think that I will ever like the commercial grades of flavored yogurt mixes, but tzatziki made with plain Greek yogurt is great. I’ve been experimenting with it in a lot of (for me) non-traditional ways: instead of butter on toast, for example, or in a turkey sandwich. I even have it heaped on crackers sometimes as a snack.

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Blueberries! Smoosh them a little.

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What do you like? When I was a kid I’d eat a cup of yogurt with rainbow sprinkles. If you don’t like the texture, you can stir it a lot or mix it with milk and drink it. Get some berries, maybe a banana, some ice, and make a smoothie. I uses to put strawberries, blueberries, a banana, and whey in mine. It tastes great. Not too sweet and its purple so it looks cool, too.

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Since you are averse to yogurt from the starting line I do believe you can better enjoy this food by pre-cooking your oatmeal “al-dente” and chilling to mix in when you are ready to gnosh. I like a less than generous sprinkle of cinnamon powder for flavor and it is damn good for you as well. Then pick your fav fruit and flavors.

Honey with pineapple and a squeeze of lemon is my fav or change up lime instead of lemon for a real zesty taste.

Gently freeze fruits you have chopped to bits like bananas, raspberries, pear, apples etc. and once mixed into your yogurt I find it best to let the mixture to sit and allow the ingredients to ‘marry’ into a yummy feast.

Yogurt is also my main backdrop to many smoothies I make that if done right you won’t even know you are sipping on yogurt.

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I eat Greek yogurt plain, as a sour cream substitute. Try a plate of nachos or pierogis with a side of Greek yogurt. Delicious.

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To dip?
pretzel stix
rice cakes bleh

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Chocolate flakes!

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I find plain Greek yogurt to be sour. I like vanilla flavored. It’s a bit sweeter and easier to tolerate.

I have been eating something called Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr. It’s like Greek yogurt but thicker and less sweet, with more protein. I get the vanilla flavored one. It’s about 1.25 each.

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Honey and prune puree, that is how I first learned to eat it over sixty years ago.

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If the sweet doesn’t do it for you, or just for a change-up, use yogurt instead of sour cream to mix your favorite chip dip.

@jca Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr…Does that contain the probiotics of that are present in yogurt? I believe that’s the whole reason the OP talks about eating yogurt.

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@Yetanotheruser and @Seek: Here’s the link to their “plain.” You can view their site and their products. They have good quality stuff. It says “live active cultures.” You can view the label – but honestly, I’m not sure if that’s the same as probiotics. Maybe another jelly knows? If it’s not the same, then I send my utmost apologies.

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@jca I checked out your link and the first line of the info says Skyr, pronounced “skeer,” is the traditional yogurt of Iceland.

If it’s yogurt, I’m almost 100% sure they’re talking all live cultures in yogurt, including the probiotics.

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