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Are you going to buy locally for "Small Business Saturday?"?

Asked by jca (35989points) November 27th, 2015

Tomorrow is “Small Business Saturday.” Consumers are encouraged to support their local businesses by shopping locally.

Are you going to make an effort to shop locally tomorrow? Do you often try to shop locally?

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We’ll probably be spending our Christmas money on a local mechanic… does that count?

I am so sick of car trouble. So. Sick. Of. It.

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I probably won’t be buying anything tomorrow. If I do, it will be from a grocery store. That said, it’s almost nothing but small businesses around here. I have to leave the main part of the city to find anything else because I live in one of those hip college towns. Even the big chain supermarket has sections for home-brewed beer and locally made jam.

Not even joking. This place is a stereotype.

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I’m hitting Trader Joe’s and Toys R Us to buy a birthday party present for tomorrow. Then I’m seeing a movie – Stoplight about abuses in the Catholic church. Then it’s leftover time at mom’s!

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I always shop locally. I have no choice. Fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, meat—all from local farmers. If I need electronics or most other manufactured goods, I must use the internet. I’ve downloaded Trumbo for tonight. With a thick, hearty, lamb stew, freshly baked baguette and butter, and an equally hearty Sangiovese.

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What does ‘local’ mean?

I should buy goods that are made in China from a merchant that isn’t part of a chain?

Does it mean that the goods are manufactured within 25 miles of Atlanta? 50? 75? 300?

The concept of ‘local’ is murky, at best.

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@elbanditoroso: I believe they mean that the profits go to “Joe Local Store Owner” rather than “CEO Big Box Corporation.”

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The only things grown or made locally (within 25 miles) are wine, honey, and pot.
Other products in the local stores are overpriced, which is the antithesis of Black Friday.

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I always try to buy locally – I frequent the Farmer’s Market, independent book stores (when I’m buying a physical book), a friend’s pet supply store, and non-chain restaurants as much as possible. Most of my Christmas shopping gets done at a local art gallery.

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Almost always do anyway here.
Short of major grocery store chains living rural you end up being very loyal to your local small businesses.
Going to the girls night out here on De. 2. but we just spent about $400 today on feed and new panels for one of our stalls in the horse barn that is being prepped for our new horses arriving tomorrow.

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I don’t buy local or not because the media told me to on a certain day.

I do like buying local, I like giving my business to local merchants, but I don’t inconvenience myself to do it. Sometimes local is more convenient and often the salespeople are more knowledgable.

Tomorrow, I might actually go to the mall, because I need to buy something for myself. I might put it off. Not sure.

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@Coloma Thanks for the link. I ordered the Tom Mayes DVD, Melding with Horses. It will soon be part of my growing equus library.

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I think the movie you’re planning to see is “Spotlight”.

Stoplight would be about a traffic signal, I assume :)

Is this one of those Autocorrect type things :)

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@Buttonstc: Can’t blame autocorrect. I type from my netbook. It was just me not knowing the proper name. BTW I saw the movie and it was great. Very insightful.

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Groceries & produce from the “local” chain supermarket. But just try to find a necessity manufactured locally or even in this country.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Cool!
Our new horse is coming home this morning, in about an hour, exciting!

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@Coloma Froggy is a beautiful pony!

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Well, I went to two “locally owned” stores looking for what I wanted – neither of them had it. So I went to a big box store and there were 5 of them on the shelf.

If the local guys can’t meet my needs, then what’s the point?

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