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Should I go fishing in morning or mid-day?

Asked by Psychoticpanda (19points) July 18th, 2007 from iPhone

should I go 8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm

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Where are you fishing? What are you fishing for?

(Largely depends on the type of fish and your location -- some fish don't start biting until the afternoon, some sulk around the bottom having eaten their fill in the morning)

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i fishing for fluke in new york area..

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Some fishing reports I'm finding seem to suggest that the AM is *slightly* better than PM, but sounds like both AM & PM are fishing fine this time of year.

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this time of year in Brazil, is so good to go fishing at morning - especially for fishing Tilapia! - my favorite fish!

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Fishing for fluke is probably more dependent on tides than on time of day.

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If you’re saltwater fishing, the best time to catch the most fish in most areas is in the early hours of the morning. My experience with freshwater fishing has been better in the afternoon. Good luck!

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I’ve fished all my life in a rather unique area: South Florida, Biscayne Bay, The Gulfstream, the Florida Keys, Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico; and have always done better at first light, the first couple of hours of daylight, and again at last light, dusk. I somehow got the idea that this is because most fish (except for nocturnal ones, that are active, night feeders) are able to see their prey again in the early morning after a long night. Then again, at last light, they are eager to get as much food as they can before the long night, poorer visibility ahead. Also, especially in my subtropical environment, the heat is a factor. Cooler early in the morning, hotter as the day progresses, cools down at dusk.
I’m also a lifetime birdwatcher/audubon, and spend a great deal of time in woodland, wilderness settings, and the same generally holds true here; in fact, nearly all wildlife is more active, plentiful in early morning and again at dusk. I assume this is for the same reasons…can see their prey better again (early morning), and want to get that “last meal before darkness sets in” (dusk). Again, the exceptions are nocturnal creatures, for example owls. Hope this makes sense to you. Between your choices, I would definitely choose 8am-12pm, even try to get out there earlier.

I just noticed that this question was asked two years ago! LOL New to fluther.

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