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What do you change when your SO is away.

Asked by JLeslie (59779points) December 19th, 2015 from iPhone

Please keep this safe for work.

The Q is for couples who live together.

What I change is:

I watch more TV in the bedroom before I go to sleep.

I come and go more as I please. I’m not obligated in any way to be home when my husband is here, but I still usually work my schedule a little to be home when he is home.

I don’t cook from scratch as much as when my husband is home.

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I lock up more carefully.

The dogs get to sleep on the end of the bed (something I usually regret because they are bed hogs).

I will tend to eat something simple for dinner. Egg on toast, rather than a proper meal.

I might watch television until much later, or watch a film he wouldn’t like but I fancy. I find I’ll stay awake later because I’m not used to sleeping alone.

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I play my music through the sound system and not headphones. I leave the TV off.

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I cook less. Much less.
I wake up earlier and go to bed earlier.
I take longer baths.
Ian and I play more video games and watch less TV.

I can get elbows-deep into an art project until 3 AM without worrying about the power tools keeping anyone awake. Haha.

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I revel in my own cleanliness and tidiness. When Paul’s away, the bathroom and kitchen stay immaculate, laundry doesn’t get tossed on the floor, and things are neat and uncluttered.

I’m one of those “a place for everything, and everything in its place” people, and I’m a fastidious housekeeper. Paul, by contrast, reminds me of Pigpen from “Peanuts”; he generates messes wherever he goes. Opposites attract, right? :-)

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I exhibited more reckless behavior: drinking more after work, going out more, driving faster, playing games for 10 hours straight.

I think men tend to be more self destructive when a woman isn’t in our life to keep us balanced.

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@Blackberry not in my case. When my S.O. is gone I lose the distractions and eat better, keep up exercise,stay more productive..etc

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I eat less. I procrastinate cooking or just make very lazy meals. This is not good for me as I’m trying to gain weight. Having someone else around is very good and important for me.

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I’m not as neat. No one to get annoyed by the mess.

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I don’t cook.
I have more of a tendency to road trip.
If I’m not on a road trip, I do more around the house.
I tend to read more and longer.

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I feel like the odd person out. Nothing.

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I am very easily bored especially when left alone so I am constantly doing something and cleaning is mostly what I do more of…that and work in the garden.

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I have the freedom to roam the house and “foul the nest”, sleep in the armchair, eat what I want when I want, and not have to jockey the vehicles around in the garage.

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Play video games and celebrate her absence.

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Light bulbs

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Assuming that I’m home alone: I become very lax about meals, both what and when. Instead of a real supper, it may just be some cheese and crackers at 9 or 10 pm. I may also play some opera music very loud. And I’m extra careful about keeping all the doors locked.

When my sons were younger, I did try to keep to the usual routine, but there was inevitably a relaxed feeling. I’m sure the same was true when I went away.

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