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Would getting a master's of divinity make me a better Dungeons & Dragons DM?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17698points) December 20th, 2015

Or a better story teller?

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I kinda doubt it. Some classes in creative writing and reading fiction may.

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You can get a Doctor of Divinity degree for $20 and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. It will not help you with anything except allow you to perform weddings in some states.

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You’re kidding, right?

What does one have to do with the other?

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I am trying to piece together your reasoning. Maybe it is something like this:

How can I meet people? I could start up a D&D group as the DM. I have never played D&D. How can I get trained for being a DM? I think a DM is something like a pastor. Maybe it would help if I went to divinity school.

Have you followed through on your idea of joining a church? That would be a better way of meeting people.

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Would going to jail make you a better Grand Theft Auto player?

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How…? What…? I am lost.

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Hopefully, if this question isn’t (as I tend to suspect) a joke, and if you’re interested enough in religious studies and role-playing games to want to know this question, at some point you will find a game with more interesting religious content than D&D, such as Aquelarre… or GURPS Religion .

But if you are dead-set on D&D, reading and education tend to help game-master skills for any RPG, as discussed on this other forum

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Not trying to trivialize your question or to be a smart aleck but if you got a bona-fide Masters of Divinity you would probably not even play Dungeons and Dragons.

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@CorneliusHerkermer I think the OP is looking at as a way to understand symbolism and allegory.

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@Tropical_Willie If so, then I’d wonder if he knows how very literal and non-metaphorical D&D generally is. For your theoretical OP, I might suggest a Literature degree instead. ... and again, to play a more interesting RPG. Our college RPG group was playing GURPS and Ars Magica…

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@Tropical_Willie @Zaku and even if it weren’t the case, semiotics and literature might be better choices regardless.

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