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What did you dream of while growing up?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) January 23rd, 2016

Were you able to fulfil those not completely but atleast partially?

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I was going to be a novelist. Real life got in the way.

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Professional footballer & a Movie Stuntman.
Just recently, I kicked a jehovas witness in the balls & fell over laughing, keeping the dream alive.

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I wanted to be a Chinese contortionist.

It didn’t work out.

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I wanted to own and drive big trucks, the owning part never happened but the driving part did.

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I always wanted to be a housewife, just like every adult woman in my life. Unfortunately, by the time I reached adulthood, during the late-1970s, that was a difficult career to pursue. By then, most young, married women were expected to work until they had children. Not much long after, many mothers had to continue working.

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I wanted to be a cosmetologist and then a paleontologist.

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Fire. Nothing but fire, everywhere I looked, sweeping across the face of the earth.

… not long now.

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I wanted to be a god.
I succeeded.

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@ragingloli . . . then where the fuck is my goddamn pony?!?

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You are not worthy.

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That makes you Gendo Ikari, not quite a god.

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Privacy! So I could jack off without anyone telling me Ièd go blind.

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During my years as a teen age male, I dreamed of sex with lots of women.

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I wish I had had dreams. Goals to achieve. I kind of floated through.

I liked dancing, but never would have been good enough to do that as a career. I do Zumba and try to take ballet, but some cities it’s difficult to find reasonable adult ballet classes.

I like teaching, so I think I would have liked being a parent, but fertility troubles screwed that up for me.

I was very interested in urban planning and transportation, but never took a class in it. Also, designing houses. I did get to design my last house. It did have all sorts if special things about it I loved. Designing it was a little stressful, making all the decisions. What really ruined the fun was the problem I had with the builder! We just sold it.

Wow, just writing that all out I can’t believe it.

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Flying. Flying without an aircraft. I really wanted to fly.

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I had no dreams in that context. I just wanted to live harmoniously with my planet, appreciating the beauty, humor, living creatures, natural formations, and thrill at being a part of it. I suppose you could say I have been living that dream.

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Like @Blondesjon, I want to be a novelist. I partially succeeded, in being a comic artist for a collection of light-hearted gags and being recognized by my… classmates. But that’s not real goal. I’m still trying to reach the goal. I’m just worried if life will ever get into my way like it did to @Blondesjon.

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I dreamt of a big star who played a mean guitar, ate at the steak bar and drove a Jaguar.

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When in the 4th grade I dreamed of being a great trumpet player. I played it through 4 years of college. I progressed to a certain level and then realized that I just didn’t have the talent to become a professional.

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I dreamt of being a doctor, until I realized how long I’d have to be in school…I’m studying Interior Design now

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I dreamed of becoming immortal. Also to observe the cool stuff that the world invents.

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I dreamt of being an Oceanographer ala Jacques Cousteau. I even had the orange winter hat when I was a kid. Really loved watching him do his work. I did get certified to SCUBA at 15 and had many cool underwater adventures. But I found me ears had issues clearing the deep sea pressures and bleeding out my ears and nose told me I could not make a living underwater because of it.

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I wanted to be a veterinarian, a writer and an artist and live in the country with lots of animals. I am not a vet but I doctor animals ( giving a goose antibiotics and pain meds now and a horse arthritis injections ) I still write and live in the country with lots of animals. haha

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My early dreams were kind of unreal. I really wanted to fly—I mean just jump into the air like Superman. Then I wanted to be a dog, then an Indian scout. Then I wanted to be a jet pilot, then a sailor and world traveler. Then I wanted to be an artist, an art curator, an international dealer, and then a forgery expert, then a spy. Then I wanted to be a doctor. But no matter what the dream, I was always a hero.

I got real close to some of those things, but I still dream of jumping into the air like Superman. The first dream is always the best.

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