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When you use emoticons, do you mirror their expressions?

Asked by longgone (17105points) February 23rd, 2016

I’ve found that many people do. What about you?

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No. I keep a blank face when I text, no matter what kind of emotion is in the text. There can be exception though, but mostly it’s because the emotion is extreme.

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I’d say the emoticons I use are mimicking me. Sometimes I’m not actually making that expression, but I put it so the receiver of the message knows the tone of the message.

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Nah not really. I usually have quite a neutral facial expression, sometimes a smile.

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Of course I do.


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Only with my inner orange smiley face.

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The only thing that truly mirrors my own personal reaction is “LOL”. If I post that, I have literally laughed and made some sort of noise.

So, no, emoticons don’t necessarily express my facial expression. I’d say emoticons represent what I would do if we were face-to-face. I might smile spontaneously, but I could also smile to show you I mean you to take a comment in a nice way, for example. :-)

Occasionally I’ll make a devilish face >:-) and I’m not sure how to even do that in real life. lol

Emoticons express my intentions whether they mirror my own facial expression or not.

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I’ve been considering using some of those. I can’t believe the variety of the things, and my kid tells me there are probably tens of thousands of them available to those who know how to find em.

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No hurry there, @stanleybmanly! :-D

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No, although I did just shake my head then.

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Damn you!!! I never noticed I did that! I will be more careful in the future!

I’m from the stone age and only use “smile”, “wink”, and “sad”.

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@LuckyGuy What else is there?

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I think I’ve used them once in all the years I’ve been on the net. A weak moment.

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I would be sort of embarrassed to use them. No help here I’m afraid.

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Nope. I keep a steady face while computing, only occasionally laughing out loud. If that does happen, I’ll describe the level of hilarity using words, not emoji.

The only emoji I usually use is


which is really hard to do on my phone.

And that’s just a sort of “I’m saying this in a friendly manner” expression. It’s my online resting-nice-face, since you can’t see me grinning like an awkward idiot in person.

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^^What is that? A cat?

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In my teen years we called it an anime-smily-face. I have no idea what, if any, official name it has.

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The inverted Vs are closed eyes.

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Oh! Ha. I always thought it was a cat and was a bit puzzled as to its meaning, but it looks friendly so I figured it was a good thing. It’s a friiggin’ face! Mystery solved.

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The hell is squint face?

I always thought it was meant to be inscrutable.

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