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What's something you do to pass the time?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) July 25th, 2008

You know, when there’s nothing on TV, everyone seems to be off of the internet, and it’s too late to go out or call anyone…

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shave and dye my hair!..err.. or read :)

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Clean the toilet.

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I touch myself, think about world peace, sing to my girlfriend on the phone and work on many projects.

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Go into the extremely quiet chat room….

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Wii, crossword puzzles, color, play with my cats, get sexy with my honey, whatever…I’m never bored, well, except at work.

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Why Fluther of Course!

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@tinyfaery: At first I read that, “color with my cats,” and although that sounds difficult, I’d really love to try coloring with my babygirl.

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I make beats and I rap…that passes my time rather constructively…

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tinyfaery: Crossword puzzles are fun. =)
I read also. Or I make my stencils.

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I read. A lot. Books are my friends!

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Depends on inspiration and energy. I might knit or browse photos to edit if I’m feeling lazy, draw/sketch/paint if I have an image in my head and if I’m looking to get stuck in to something for a few hours, I might work on printing t-shirts, sewing handbags or doodling on shoes.

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I play air drums and sing. Think about adriana Lima and what it would b like if she was my wife.

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I lay in bed and fluther until I’m tired enough just to fall asleep.

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All I do these days is work, fluther and sleep, so I don’t have time to get bored.

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I have way too many projects and concerns and interests to find myself wanting to simply advance the clock, unless something has me unable to enjoy the time I need to wait for something, like being caught up in stress or physically/mentally tired or uncomfortable, in which cases I try to use sleep, walking, reading, watching people, or conversation.

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Guitar. =)

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I remember a question of this nature was asked not to long ago.

“Do I dare ask how many?”

I say why does it matter this is the past.
The fact of the matter, you are now with
her. She’s with you, she’s engaged to you, you are getting married to her.

She isn’t doing anyone else.

It would be different if you have trust issues and/ or she cheated on you in past. The past is the past. She loves you.

If you do have trust issues with her, don’t get married, break it off now. It’s going to eat you up inside.

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I think someone answered the wrong question…

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CelticsFan: True dat, homie. (Sorry. =\)

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@ninja, well said. The past is the past. And she does love you. What’s the point of being eaten up inside when she isn’t doing anyone else, right? You are now with her. And depending on the type of brine used, there is a good possibility that your pickles might end up tasting exactly like calla lilies, which has been proven to significantly decrease production of greenhouse gas-producing elephant knickers. Reference.

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doodling (in science). definately doodling. Pity i don’t have more time for it; some of them can turn out rather nice.

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