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What are your thoughts on the Fashion Industry?

Asked by kidreamer (35points) March 7th, 2016

I am not a big fan of fashion. I have my own style and look. I play football (soccer), so I have an athletic style with my own unique twist. I could care less what is in style or what everyone else is wearing. Some people these days don’t have their own unique style. They wear something because it is popular or because everyone else is wearing it. I do not care about expensive or name brand clothing. I will buy cheap clothes if it looks good on me. I know people that will have on $1,000 worth of clothes on. Many of them are always asking for a ride on the bus or can not pay their bills. I hate when people tell others what to wear and not wear. Nothing against people who love fashion. I just hate when people look down on others because of what they are wearing. Many times I see people who don’t wear name brand clothes but it still looks great on them. I always say it is not what you wear but how you wear it. Many people can make cheap clothes seem expensive due to the way they style it. I know guys who buy expensive clothes just to impress other guys and mainly women. I have close friends who spend $400 on a belt or on a pair of shoes. They have the right to buy whatever they want, however your priorities should come first.
*I am not saying everyone who loves fashion is like this. Sorry sometimes I have a hard time saying things the way I want. Don’t bash me, just stating my opinion.

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They should make clothes for lazy people who sleep in their clothes and wear them for days at a time. Deodorant clothes.

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I’m not sure what you’re actually asking, here. This seems more like a rant than an invitation to opine.

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I agree with @canidmajor. What’s the real problem?

Fashion is a consumer good, just like anything else. The designers and sellers of $400 shoes would not be in business if people didn’t buy from them. Same with 60 inch TVs, sports cars, and facelifts.

I think your complaint is with peoples’ judgment – not with the fashion industry. And that’s a whole different thing.

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I guess my style could be described as “free T-shirt”

It’s not for me, I’ll buy quality (durable) clothing but not forking over $$ just because everyone else is doing it. As an art form It’s respectable but as a consumer commodity it is not.

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The fashion industry is in business to make money, like any industry. Trends and styles change all the time so that people who want to look current have to shop constantly.

I agree what you wrote sounds like a rant.

For everyone, fashion is what they make of it. Some people don’t think twice about what they wear, some people wear only the most expensive clothes. Some get great clothes at thrift shops. Some go out in their pajamas.

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For someone who adore fashion such as myself, I must say that fashion has many different facets depending on how you interpret and utilize it. Different people, also, have different sense of fashion, different needs, and different economic capability.

I, myself, never judge fashion based on the brand or price. I always tell myself to think like a designer/fashionata, not like a customer. A designer/fashionata will pick the most attractive style available for different occasion and know how to mix and match different clothes, while a regular customer who buy the most popular and expensive cloth more likely to do it for self-entitlement and fear of being out-of-fashion.

Nobody on the street will recognize what brand you’re wearing, the quality of the materials, or even the price of the cloth you’re wearing. That being said, many people still judge a book by its cover so a good sense of fashion for important meeting will eventually be beneficial for you. Of course you wouldn’t want to wear messy/out-of-place attire during meeting/interview.

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I don’t have any. I have no interest in fashion and that industry. I make every fashion mistake one might make, I am sure. If I like something I wear it. If I want something and can’t find it, I make it. I have never let others tell me what I like. About anything.

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When I was younger I was quite the fop. Now I want nothing but good quality functional clothing on or around me. I think the fashion industry is another area of useless nonsense, the net effect of which is to waste tens of thousands of hours in a lifetime dressing, primping, shopping, etc. Women in particular are disadvantaged in comparison to men, and when combined with the jewelry and cosmetics industries, women are so disadvantaged in comparison to men that the deficits for those who take the crap seriously are readily appreciable. And don’t get me started on the financial considerations..

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Fashion is all about optimizing your own self esteem.
Materialistic people impress themselves with how much conspicuous consumption they can display.
Artistic people will often express their individuality by way of unconventional fashion.

I think feeling good about how you wear whatever you have on shows a high degree of self confidence. There’s an entire industry built around how to replicate a $5,000 outfit for $50. If you can look like $5,000 without having to copy anyone, so much the better.

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Fashion can be purchased. It is there for those who have no style.

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Damn. Where to start?

I’m concerned that no one including the OP has used the word “tailoring.” Proper fit is vital. Probably the most important aspect of clothing. I’d rather wear I well fitted suit made of burlap rather than one make of the finest materials straight off the rack. This is also why I laugh to myself when people use the word “comfortable” to excuse looking like a slob.

There’s also the issue of “fashion” VS. “style”. Fashion is fashion. Okay, nothing wrong with that.

But style? Style is language in clothing. All of you, like it or not, are making a statement with what you wear. This influences how you are perceived and responded towards, every day, all the time. This includes you, the antifashion members of the Normalcore set.

You can proudly claim that you don’t care. And that is now you will come across. But no one will bother to ask themselves if it because you think yourself above it all.

Style isn’t required to be expensive. Sure it sucks to lack cash, but lacking imagination is many times more tragic. Sure, one might be able to afford a D&G suit, but that doesn’t mean they know how to wear it without appearing self conscious.

My approach? Mix the expensive new with the inexpensive old that someone else didn’t want anymore.

A typical outfit might involve an $8 pre owned vest, $5 prototype unworn jeans from a failed startup manufacturer that I had cut from boot cut to skinny. That tie? It belonged to my grandfather, so did the camel cord jacket. An off the rack shirt from H&M. New, full price saddle tan wing tips by Cole Haan.

On the rare occasion I’m asked what I call my look, a say “post hipster.”

Like practically everything else, one gets what one pays for. Those Prada jean trousers were expensive, but they positively bleed quality.

Clothing, like cars, and food are necessities of life.

You might as well make them a source of fun and satisfaction too.


So 60” TV’s and sports cars are excesses…

What if a smaller size monitor won’t be able to fully “drive the room.” Sports cars. I get the feeling you don’t know what they are really for.

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