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Do you like to watch commercials?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) April 13th, 2016

If yes then what kind? If not why not? Which was the one that you liked?

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No. Nothing but lies in them.

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Usually not. Except I enjoy the “Jake from State Farm” commercial.

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I used to write them for a living. Now I avoid them as much as possible. Most are awful.

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If I’m watching YouTube, I always skip the commercials. I don’t mind it in the cinema, but thats mostly the previews. I like to know what new movies are coming up.

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Hardly ever. Most of them are very hard to sit through, for me.

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I love it, “You can change what commercial you want to watch or skip altogether.” Are they just stupid?

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I detest them all and try to avoid seeing them.

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Neutral. I have no feeling at all when I see a commercial. I may be amused if a commercial is creative though.

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@pachy – did you enjoy creating any of them which is worth mentioning?

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I use Torrents and Plex for my TV. I was watching The Big Bang Theory last week and something seemed off.

Yeah… This is crazy

Note the duration. 19 minutes for a 30 minute show. Normally 30 min sit coms are 22 minutes per 30. That is a lot of fucking ads.

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I do watch commercials for fun but not from my tv, I just browse on Youtube. I liked the Japanese commercials like this, they’re so weird yet creative. They have surreal stories for commercials that you won’t even think about for a commercial.

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