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Yikes- the Yarnpocalypse has come to the 40K Mansion! Who would like to join me in celebrating YARNLADY's ascension to the House of Titans?

Asked by Brian1946 (26878points) June 13th, 2016

Stand aside Kronos, Atlas, et al: the Yarnpocalypse is upon thee.

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My knitting needles salute you! Congratulations on the 40K. That’s a lot of lurve, and I’m not spinning a yarn.

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Congrats YARNLADY, you’ve got me (crochet) hooked!

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Congrats. Is this a case of getting lurve while absent? She is never around.

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Welcome to my lavish residence & congrats
Ripping Yarns, a Python spin-off starring Palin & Jones

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Here’s something most people here don’t know about Yarnlady:

Years ago the mods were able to see who gave out the GAs on comments, and I remember from that time that Yarnlady was like the Johnny Appleseed of lurve, tossing out GAs all over the place. It annoyed me a teeny little bit, but I came to see it as the act of a big, giving heart. And I was probably annoyed mostly because it made me feel parsimonious by comparison.

So as much lurve as she has, I assure that she has handed out way more than that.

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Yipee- – Yarnballs for all ! It is like highballs but with yarn, not whiskey.

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Holy mackerel!! Way to go @yarngal!

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Well I’ll be yarned!! What else can one say except CONGRATULATIONS to a yarnspirational jelly!

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Yarnapollusa! WTG to a truly great contributor and wonderful person!

see how I watched my language?

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Mazel Tov to you Yarnlady!

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Oh God no! So the Yarnpocalyspe prophesy has come true?
<Kneel down before the Yarnpocalypse’s greatness>

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Nicely done @YARNLADY!!

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Thank you all for the kind words. I haven’t been around much lately, but it is still enjoyable to show up once in awhile.

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I’m so happy to attend this party. I missed you @YARNLADY while you have been away.

Is there a theme for the party? I’m thinking of bringing some sort of punch bowl concoction. I have to dig out a recipe.


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Another Summer Jelly Party? Another one? Wow! One of my greatest Fluther memories was from the Yarnpocalypse. I’m happy that @YARNLADY is still around and still checks in – she was one of the OG’s -Original Gangstas on this site. Well done, @YARNLADY. Whether you’re around or you’re not around, I still lurve you.

If we’re bringing things to this party, I’ll bring dessert. I always bring dessert to a party, and that way, no matter what kind of food there is, I know there’ll be good dessert.

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Knit me a sweater and call me Mr. Rogers!
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
‘Grats, M’lady!

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Congratulations @yarnlady!
This is the third time I’ve tried to post this, so hopefully it goes through this time.
Maybe it’s another yarnpocalypse since you hit 40k that is making Fluther so wonky.

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It’s difficult to think of anyone more deserving of this honor. You’ve been a Flutter stalwart for years and have a lit of wisdom to share.

I really appreciate reading your very sensible and down to earth replies to Qs.

Congrats on the big 4–0.

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@YARNLADY does it much better

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Funny the Yarnpocalypse prophesy began right before the site’s traffic got clogged by spambots. Kind of like some evil force is too overwhelmed by @YARNLADY‘s greatness that they has to stop it ~

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Here’s hoping I can say congrats to @YARNLADY


pressing enter and hoping to gain admittance to the festivities

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I am most happy to celebrate this milestone of yours, @YARNLADY. I’ve always appreciated your answers to me! Congratulations!

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Congratulations! Sorry I missed the party.

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You can’t miss a party, @Jak! Only prolong it.
Latecomers are always welcome.

Sit and unwind with us for a while.

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Congrats! (But, seriously, I can’t see that far!)

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Congo-Rats in a Conga line in honor of your 40K, @YARNLADY! I’m glad when you’re around and miss you when you’re not.

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Are we having a ball yet?

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I’ll have you know @YARNLADY, the journey of a thousand miles to attend this party has tested my limits of endurance, given the Fluther bridge has been washed out for days now, all roads closed and no way to the mansion. I have arrived after a grueling climb out of the abyss.
Cheers to your 40k ascension, may the golden road to Fluther soon be restored.

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Only took 4 tries to post, gah…I need a damn drink, where’s the bar! lol

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@coloma , have you tried using – it’s the mobile app, but you can use it on your desktop.

Thanks to @ibstubro and @stimly for the breadcrumbs

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@BellaB Bread crumbs indeed!
I just likened that link to drinking mouthwash instead of Champagne, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures ey? lol

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My, @BellaB, your breath smells lovely today!!

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bread crumbs and mouthwash


I’m good in the kitchen, but I don’t think I can make anything out of that combo.

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That’s kinda cheesy, @BellaB.

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@BellaB Pretend you are on “Chopped.” We certainly are here as of late.
You could probably make some sort of mouthwash ice cream or peppermint sauce. haha

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I think that could be a good thread when things are running a bit smoother ... take these three ingredients

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It could run something like TJBM thread?
Name 3 (but I suggest food) ingredients, TMBY posts a food that includes those 3 ingredients, then names 3 new ones?

You have to K.I.S.S.when you make it up.

But Creme De Mint, bread crumbs and cheese would certainly work.
Think Mascarpone

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Congratulations @YARNLADY! It is no wonder that you reached 40K. The shared personal experiences on crafting, budgeting, family relations, Native Americans, and just logical advice have helped other members time and again throughout the years. Please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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Congratulations! The road is long and hard, hopefully the mansion is worth it.

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I thought @YARNLADY‘s road was rather soft and fluffy? She seems rather a comforter to me?

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Congratulations to a long-time Flutherer. 40K is quite an achievement, @YARNLADY! Very glad to see you here still!

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@marinelife and you’re at over 60k…holy guacamole!’ I can’t believe I am over 40k either. It’s been a long, strange trip. haha

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Sorry I’m late. Congoratulations @YARNLADY !

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@Judi You’re party is next! :-D

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I’m going to blame my tardiness on the amount of time I’ve spent knitting lately – surely you’ll forgive me for that? I raise a cable needle in your honour, @YARNLADY!

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Ack…how did I write “you’re” instead of “your?” Blame it on my extreme tiredness. Pffft!

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@Coloma, 1000 lurve could take me a year to get!

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^Yeah, I’ve been tapped out on being able to give you lurve for years.

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Congratulations! To our local Mensa member.

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Congrats on the 40K @YARNLADY! Better get busy on a few more comforters for the 40K mansion as there are a couple more right behind you!

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How did I miss this? Congrats, @YARNLADY. You were one of the very first jellies I admired, and that hasn’t changed!

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Congratulations and thank you for being a part of this community.

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This cute ball of yarn video is for you @YARNLADY

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Wow!!! @YARNLADY Congratulations on the 40k!
Darn! I am really late to this party! Like a lockstitch, it seems you’re here when I’m not and vice versa. :-)

Thanks for sticking around and holding it all together.

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Better put some whiskey in the Yarnballs, @Tropical_Willie!
They’re real

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