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At what age Is it better have your hair color go grey/white; considering your face still gives away your age?

Asked by spectrum (16points) July 15th, 2016

I look at some people that dye their hair and I think they would look better for their age if they just went natural.

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It is better at whatever age one wants to do it for whatever reason, if they do at all.

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I disagree with the idea that the face gives away the age.

When I let my hair and beard grow out, they are grey. Every now and then I shave them almost all the way off – like last week. People (my kids) say that makes me look 20 years younger. Same face, just lack of grey beard.

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I let my hair go completely grey in the past 2 years. Now people think I’m 15 – 20 years younger than I actually am. It’s been a surprising result.

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65. I began to get a bit gray in my 40’s so I started coloring it up. It was great! Nobody noticed! Except my dad. He noticed right off!

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I think the age is less important than the quality of the dye job. A poor job gives it away and looks cheap and/or tacky. You have to make sure it looks natural, or don’t bother.

That being said, I would never dye my hair (or get plastic surgery, or colored contacts, or teeth whitening, or…) I’m pretty committed to aging naturally.

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If your face looks really wrinkled then why bother? My hair has some gray and I look a lot younger and better with it dyed professionally with copper highlights. She writes down how much she uses of each color.
I’ll continue to have it dyed until it looks silly and fake.

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I am so vain I will be coloring my hair until the cows come home!
I am not taking this getting old business very well and the empty
nest is for the birds!

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^^ Excellent mixed animal metaphors.

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I find when women have taken good care of themselves the natural gray can actually enhance their appearance. If they have not then it does not matter if it’s dyed or not. It kind of depends on the person though. I may be a little odd but I greatly prefer to see all of the little imperfections that make us human. I would rather ladies not wear makeup at all, too much is an instant turn off.

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I have a friend who is 66, long brown (dyed) hair, well taken care of and she looks 50, tops. Her hair is gorgeous and she looks well maintained. I know her hair is white because once when she was sick and didn’t get it done for a few weeks too long, I could see. I can’t imagine her with white hair. She’d look awful. I think hair dye for most people is a benefit. More people dye their hair than we realize.

When I was a teen (70’s and 80’s), less people dyed their hair and “little old ladies” looked frumpy. Those days are long gone. More older people (men and women) look younger, partly due to hair dye and we don’t even realize.

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