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What are you doing on this long and lovely Labor Day weekend?

Asked by jca (36043points) September 4th, 2016

What are you doing on this long and lovely Labor Day weekend?

Here in the northeast part of the US, it’s a bit chillier than normal thanks to Hurricane Hermine (which I think should be spelled Hermione but who am I). It feels like autumn as there’s a coolness and lack of humidity.

We went to a party yesterday and it was a great one but everyone ended up inside at the end of the evening. Today we normally go to a great county fair in “Gail” country, Columbia County NY, but not sure if we’re going. I need to check the weather reports. It may be a good day to go but we’ll need to bring jackets for the evening.

Tomorrow, Monday, Labor Day, it may be rainy so we may just hang out or I may visit my parents.

What about you?

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It’s an unusually quiet weekend for me. I went to see Willie Nelson at the boardwalk on Friday night and yesterday had lunch with a friend but have been home and texting with “baby daddy” a lot. About to take a walk and get a donut for breakfast, maybe a movie later. Tomorrow seeing a movie with a friend and then back to his Japanese restaurant for dinner. Hmmm…maybe not sooo quiet….

Have been waiting for the weather too; it’s been chilly as you say but no storm as yet.

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Yesterday I went house hunting and don’t know what I want to buy, but I have to decide. Last night we went to the Spanish-American dance here where I live. They have a big dance the first Saturday of the month. Music was good, we made some new acquaintances, a few from Mexico, which was great. Nice connection for my inlaws if they ever move up here. The majority at the party seem to be New Yorkers, but people from everywhere really. Supposedly, once season kicks in this dance is really packed. Already there must have been 200 people there.

Today I want to clean the house and maybe decide on what house to buy. I’m really agonizing about it.

Tomorrow we have tickets to.a Pops concert put on by the local orchestra.

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Today is Labour Day?

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Monday is Labor Day in the US, @Mimishu1995.

This labour day weekend was hyperextended by the collective overreaction to a very minor hurricane. So, since the state basically closed down on Wednesday I’ve painted half the living room, picked up a bookcase free from a Facebook giveaway group and bought a new-to-me futon from Craigslist, ditched the old couches, and made plans with hubby to paint the rest of the house and shift the furniture about. We’re technically not allowed to do improvements on the place, but there’s no way we’re getting our deposit back from that crook anyway so screw it.

It already looks way better in here.

Today there’s a barbeque at the home of one of Hubby’s friends. I’m making and bringing a few side dishes. That’s about it so far.

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I’m trying to study German and failing at it.

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@Mimishu1995: Labor Day is always the first Monday in September.

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This should’ve been prefixed US jellies:

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Edit: “Labor Day in the US is always the first Monday in September.”

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Matt and I have Monday off and we took Friday off. We rented an Airbnb on the cape and have been chillin’ on beaches all weekend! :D

I’ve only got my phone for a computing device here. I can work on Fluther fixes on Monday when I’m reunited with my computer.

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@Mariah: What town in the Cape?

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Edit: LOL autocorrect. Mashpee.

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The famous Mashpee Commons.

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Yeah we poked around there a bit on Friday! Super cute.

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listening to WOR-FM rewind and little else.

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I love Cape Cod. We used to go up there in September, which is a great month to be there. Less crowded, still warm during the days but with a little nip in the air to remind you that fall is coming.

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Staining my fence.

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Absolutely nothing.

First weekend I’ve had in forever where I can do that. Or not do that, as it were.

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Business as usual here.
I have a mountain of paperwork to do, my monthly invoicing and some DMV crap. I may go get a massage later otherwise just going to enjoy the lovely weather.
8:20 a.m. and I just came in from feeding the horses with my cat “Mia” scampering all over the place with me feelin’ frisky on this cool morning. Nothing better than frisky pussies running around with you. haha

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Going paddelboarding, kayaking, digging up drain tile, watching my buddy jam at a Harley Fest later this afternoon and swimming and fishing allllll dayyyy lllllong!

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@Cruiser Guess you got your energy back!!

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I was preparing to hunker down for the hurricane but it’s bright and sunny out. Just took a 4 mile walk (including donut stop.)

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@Seek @jca ooooh… so that’s it? I’m only familiar with May 1st. It’s such a coincidence that your Labour Day is the same day as my Independent Day. I could have gone out to celebrate but I had no one to go with. My friends were busy with their projects. It’s not that I didn’t have anything in my hand but I got less work. So I just stayed at home, minding my own business…

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Blasting Krafwerk on the HiFi while housecleaning in preparation for party.

Checking/tweaking car tire pressure before sun gets high enough to heat tires on one side. Performing headlight restoration.

Smoking. Drinking.

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Yesterday and today, relaxing and getting ready for a business/family trip. I am flying from San Francicsco to New York tomorrow, for work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Since I am going to visit my daughter later in the week, my son and girlfriend are going with me.

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@SecondHandStoke: You mean Kraftwerk?

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Hey @Mimishu1995 Labour day is the first Monday here in Canada as well.
I only get 3 stats off a year the rest I have to work them which I am no overly happy about especially Labour day because it is the busiest long weekend on the roads and having to go out with all those holiday morons trying to get home is a real grunt.
Mrs Squeeky works most weekends so this weekend I am trying to spiff up the house a bit so she can relax when she gets home and squeeze in a game or two of golf.

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@janbb it is how I roll…running on empty yet never run out of gas! ;)

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The “t” just fell off.

Hopefully not down into my computer.

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Started out the weekend with lots of social, but relaxing now with pups after long walks in this beautiful weather. Enjoying the time reading on the deck with an iced coffee, and goofy dogs playing in the yard. :-)

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@mimishu1995 – 1st May is international labour day but in US it’s different.

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It is Labour Day here in Canada as well.
It is supposed to be a day to relax ( weekend) from your labours.
I would had liked to go hiking,driving and travelling, but as I know that more accidents happen on the highways on this weekend then most of the year, I stayed home.
I finished up projects ( creative, photography,writing,reading course material and gearing up for the long colder winter that is predicted for this winter, checking my winter clothes etc)
Just relaxing and doing whatever I wish this weekend…taking it easy.

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Spent the day at the Canadian National Exhibition with my best friend and her daughter. My best friend and I have been going to the Ex together for about 45 years. Her daughter started going with us 23 years ago. Lots of fun doing nothing important. We finished the day at a great Walk Off The Earth concert.

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We have May 1 as labour day but I still managed to enjoy my day. I worked at a new section of a barnehage with 1 and 2 year olds and got to know them. After work I stopped at a local mall and finally found three new pairs of work pants. The past weekend I got most of my Firefly ship crew together online so they could meet each other. My engineer is a real pick. I’ll be annoying the name of the ship very soon.

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